Aragonite Star Clusters


An energy light source, expanding outwards in all directions, beaming rays of light and love. 

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Hand selected by Sam and Steph during the Costa Mesa Gem Faire. These aragonite clusters were mined in Morocco.

Aragonite Star Clusters are believed to help one to become a human star; one that emanates light and love. Placing an aragonite star cluster over any chakra on the body facilitates the release of negative or blocked energy.

The aragonite meaning makes it a powerful stone to release anger, anxiety and fear from the body. These star clusters radiate energy outward in all directions, beaming rays of light out all around you. It is a very rare stone in that it is both soothing and energizing, creating a sense of overall well-being.  An Aragonite star cluster helps to be more connected to the energy of Mother Earth. Hold an Aragonite star cluster when you wish to tap into healing the mind, body and spirit.

The aragonite meaning is to guide you to deal with your dark side in order for you to burst open into a beautiful star. When you think about a star, it is formed in this dark, empty space, something many of us have experienced. When the pressure becomes too much, and there is an explosion of energy. Then the star is finally stabilized. The aragonite meaning is to bring you through this experience so you can release your anger and darkness and find balance and light within yourself. Aragonite crystals are beautiful transformational tools.

Aragonite star clusters are very fragile. It is important to handle it with care. These aragonite healing crystals need to be cleansed on a weekly basis under water or through the smoke of sage to keep their energy pure and clean. This ensures that the negative energy the aragonite crystals are helping you release does not get stored within them.

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