Crystal Chakra Rough Set


7 rough crystals hand picked by us, for you, with the best intentions to help you align with your chakras. Can use this with crystal grids, for mediation, during yoga flow, and in baths for the ultimate self love. Great for beginners and as a gift.


Root Chakra [Base of spine] Red Aventurine

Self healing, stability, encourages acceptance in self and others, releases any body toxins

Sacral [Between naval & base] Howlite

Energy moving in creativity and sexuality, has healing and cleansing properties that can repair, restore, strengthen, and protect blockages in this chakra area.  Enhances intuition, promotes clairvoyance, Evokes patience and appropriate action, helps sort one’s emotions.

Solar Plexus [Stomach] Peach Moonstone

Controls the flow of energy for your center of gravity in the body. Supports gut feeling, intuition, and ability to “go-with-the-flow”. Embodies warmth, strength, and openness of the sun. Can assist in overcoming depression

Heart Chakra [Heart] Rose Quartz

Nurtures empathy and forgiveness. Clears out anger, resentment, and jealousy. Allows the heart to heal from issues or disease associated with holding onto such negative energy and emotions.

Throat Chakra [Neck/Throat] Blue Calcite

Creative thinking and expands spiritual awareness by stimulating & boosting communication abilities and speaking ones truth.

Third Eye [Pituitary Gland] Amethyst

Influential healing stone that offers wisdom, protection, and clarity of the mind. Opens, stimulates, and balances the third eye. Helps reveal self destructive patterns of the ego.

Crown [Top of cranium] Smokey Quartz

Amplifies physic abilities, holds memory and is programmable. Expands consciousness, used for communicating with guides, encourages clarity. Allows energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.


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