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Our classic sweatpants have pounds of hand-crushed selenite, fuchsite, & lepidolite infused into them! We hand-crush the crystals at our HQ and make all our sweatpants in our hometown in Southern California. We only use crystal-infused ink for our clothes, so each piece is dripping in crystals! Our classic sweatpants are 100% cotton, sweet & simple with our sacred geometry logo on the right leg, and “Huntington Beach” running down the left leg.

Lounge in style! Whatever the occasion, these sweatpants are simple, stylish and comfortable.We also know the key to a good sweatpant is pockets, so these have front pockets & a back pocket (and come with a crystal inside). Stay warm by pairing with our sweatshirt, or just chill out in a tank top and sweats! Feel the healing properties of each crystal when you’re wearing our sweatpants! Selenite enhances positivity & purity; opening, clearing & activating your energy. Fuchsite connects you to your spirit guides and protects you on your journey of self-discovery. Lepidolite restores balance and harmony; it allows you to let go of negative emotions including anxiety and self-doubt, helping you to discover your true purpose in life. Along with the healing power of the crystals, we like timeless pieces that we can wear with anything, for any occasion, so that’s what we’re bringing you with our Classic Sweatpants! We made these simple so that they could go with anything!

Rep the Unicorn Gang and pair with our Classic Sweatshirts for a comfy and stylish look. No matter what you have planned for the day, matching sets make you look put together! We wear our sweatsuits when traveling, after long beach days, and before workouts.

*All orders come with a random selection of loose crystals to fill pockets. Thank you for supporting small business.*

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Weight 520 g

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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