Crystal Heart Chakra Set


Chakra Sets are used to heal and balance all the 7 chakras

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Using these crystals in your own home may be of benefit for those of you who prefer to take responsibility for your own health and personal growth.


Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz

Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst 

Throat Chakra –  Blue Lapis Lazuli

Higher Heart Chakra –  Rose Quartz

Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine

Sacral Chakra – Tigers Eye

Root Chakra – Carnelian 



Chakra Sets are used to heal and balance all the 7 chakras. Each disk is made from a stone that is associated with one of the 7 chakras. Together they heal and balance all of the chakras. The disk shape makes them particularly powerful for this purpose since it can be placed directly on the body. Chakras are energy points or channels in the body that the life force flows through. They are like wheels of energy flowing throughout the body. When they become stagnant or imbalanced, a person can become unwell.


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