Crystalized Sage – Sense of Self & Security



This lovely potion bottle contains dried sage, sage essential oil & quartz. Excellent for protection, healing, and cleansing. Enhance your own energy daily as you wear this.


Sage Leaf – Used for purifying an area or space, or to cleanse negative energy around a person. It is believed to promote wisdom and aid in meditation and spirituality. Sage is also believed to have protective energies when worn or carried.


Sage Essential Oil – One of the most relaxing, soothing, and balancing essential oils. Feelings of relaxation and protection of negative energies and entities for the wearer.


Quartz – Allows you to constantly utilize the protective and grounding energies they emit. Has powerful energy. Introducing quartz crystals into your life is highly beneficial if you are struggling with emotional exhaustion, psychic dullness, and lack of motivation, especially if those feelings are manifesting in your physical body.


We have created this signature protection vial for those who are in toxic environments and want to have a stronger sense of self and security. All necklaces are made to order with special intentions around the buyer.



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