Detailed Orange Calcite Skull


A One-of-a-kind detailed skull, that will enhance the gifts you already possess! A true beauty, head-turner, and powerful energy source for positive change.

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Orange Calcite contains the element of fire and is a powerful energy amplifier as well as cleanser. This stone rids your mind, body, and spirit of pollution and increases the flow of positive energies. The stone will also have this effect on the space you inhabit, the people you spend time with, and the things you use. Orange Calcite can help you come to terms with changes in you life.

Sam and Steph found this Beautiful, detailed Orange Calcite Skull when crystal shopping at the Costa Mesa Gem Fair. There was only 1, and we knew we had to have it! We love skulls, and we always want you to remember that a skull can represent life rather than death. Rather than mourning death, loss, or an end to a cycle, it is seen as a celebration of someone’s existence, a soul moving upwards and onwards.

How to Use: Place this Orange Calcite Skull in a space of choosing and let the positive energies flow. Whenever you need a mood transformation or your spirits lifted, hold the stone in your hands.

weight: 1343 grams

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Weight 1343 g