Ammonite Jewelry Box


 The Ammonite is a stone of protection, drawing off all negative energy and replacing it with positive chi.

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Hand selected by Sam and Steph during the Costa Mesa Gem Faire, only 2 available. 
This Ammonite crystal was carved to make the perfect jewelry box! Use this to store rings, jewelry, or even Q-tips for a classy touch to your space. 
Ammonite’s spiral signifies continual change.  They will attract prosperity, success, as well as health as it can also help with sicknesses of the ears, blood pressure, lungs, and degenerative disorders.
 These ancient fossils have absorbed cosmic and earth energy over eons of time. They help to stimulate the life force energy within your body. The Ammonite draws off all negative energies. Think of their spiral shape as a filter, drawing off these harmful energies, filtering them through their spirals and releasing them into your body as positive life force energy. Ammonite Fossils are also said to attract good health, prosperity and success. A very unique crystal Mother Earth created!

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