Glowing Opalite Protection Unicorn


Opalite desk, alter or pocket unicorn


Opalite supports conscious connection with angels and spirit guides. Promotes peace, tranquility and contentment. It enhances inner beauty and attracts outer beauty.


Opalite is a stone of personal power, known to increase self-esteem and improve one’s sense of self-worth. Along with these empowering qualities, it also engenders the related quality of inner strength to uncover and express one’s deeper, more buried feelings.


Emotionally, opalite is useful when undergoing great change, as it assists in making smooth transitions. This benefits all sorts of life changes, major and minor. Moving residences, changing jobs, getting into or out of a relationship and having a new baby are all examples of major life changes that opalite can help make easier.




Size: 1.75-2 in. 

Additional information

Weight .010 kg

Small, Large


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