Green Fluorite Sphere


A sphere allows all vibrations of the stone to reach every corner of the room/space. Fluorite allows you to connect deeper with your surroundings, to purify and raise the frequencies of the setting.

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Green Fluorite crystal is especially powerful for growth and healing on all levels. These green fluorite crystals are also wonderful for neutralizing negative energy, acting as an “energy vacuum cleaner” for your space. Placing one in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos.

A sphere exudes energies to new levels. The shape allows all vibrations of the stone (specificall Fluorite) to reach every corner of the room/space. It is easy to spot a crystal sphere when felt inside a room. The energy is powerful, the frequencies are vibrant, the perfect carve… it’s undeniably pleasing to eye and soul.

Green Fluorite’s ability to connect with the energy of its environment helps it to not only purify, but also raise the vibrations of its setting. Place it in your bedroom to stimulate better communication and stamina, or in your office to activate self-expression and determination in your work. Placing a green fluorite crystal in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos. They are crystals of focus and concentration, bringing clarity of mind. It also aids in decision-making, making it the ideal crystal to have in your workspace. Because of these purifying properties, a fluorite crystal raises your energy and concentration level during meditation. It helps you to find your path and commit to action. It also alleviates chaos of the mind by organizing your thoughts, so that you can better transform them into intentions. As an amplifier, green fluorite can be used in tandem with other crystals to magnify their healing properties. Use it on your altar to elevate the intention being set with the other crystals of your sacred space.


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