Hot & Steamy Shower Bundle


Let things get a little steamy and experience a truly vibrant shower! Give the gift of self-love to anyone, because hey, everybody takes showers!



You may not have a bathtub, but that doesn’t mean your shower can’t be a place for you to relax and unwind just the same. As a goddess (yes you!) it’s important to make any space, your space. The Hot & Steamy Shower Bundle has everything you need to turn a typical shower into the ultimate relaxation experience!

Sunday Morning Crystal Candle – $45
Signature Body Polish – $30
6 oz Unicorn Whipped Body Butter – $32
Multi-Purpose Luffah – $6
Lavender Rose Shower Steamer $5
Mini Selenite Slab engraved Signature Logo – $60 (optional)


                   CHOOSE OPTION:                                 Bundle Price:

  1. Shower Set w/ Selenite Slab: $178                 $145  (save $33)
  2. Shower Set, No Crystal: $118                           $90 (save $28)


We basically put together this box based upon the things that we (Sam & Steph) use every time we shower and can’t live without! Now that we have our own crystals too, we are just too obsessed with this set! Enjoy! It’s perfect when you shave your legs, followed by exfoliating the legs with the Body Polish, then when you step out, lather yourself in the Body Butter. IN THAT ORDER! You will feel like a forever ball of silk. Enjoy!

  • Selenite is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Selenite stones also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. Steph and I have our own selenite slab in our bathroom where we place our crystal jewelry on top when showering. So we thought it was fit to add this to the box, and have a sacred place for your jewelry to recharge while you, yourself are re-charging. 
  • Steph loves the lufah to scrub and wash her feet, Sam loves to use the lufah for dry brushing her body before showering. Or you can simply use the lufah in the shower on your body!
  • & As you know, our Crystal Candles are finally available to order, we are very proud and in love with them! We love any excuse to light our candle, and a shower is a perfect reason to.

This set is perfect anytime of year, for yourself, as a gift, for Secret Santa, graduation gift, bridesmaid gift, mothers day, valentines day, birthday, promotion… ask anyone! xoxo



Please state IN THE NOTES:

  • If you’d like a specific scent for the Body Polish and Body Butter, we will try our best to fulfill your order based upon our inventory when packaging 🙂
  • If this is a gift; add name and any notes you’d like us to write for this person.

Additional information

Weight 720. g

Selenite Slab, No Crystal


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