Large Herkimer Diamond Crystal Point


A powerful high-vibration crystal that will help boost physic abilities, aid in astral travel, and assist greatly towards mediation. Carries a unique radiance that differentiates itself from all other clear crystals, with a dazzling, delightful, and colorful sparkle very pleasing to the eye.

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Herkimer Diamonds are truly one of a kind. They amplify a unique sparkle and manifest the purest, solid Light of spiritual energy. Although they might look like a beautiful Clear Quartz crystal at first, if you look closely in light (especially sunlight) you can see the unique set of rays and sparkle that shines on a Herkimer Diamond compared to a Clear Quartz.

These phenomenal crystal diamonds can be close to 5 million years old, which saturates the energy that exudes from them. They are exceptionally great for meditations, turning dreams into reality, advanced spiritual applications, and healing. Use this during any type of mediation, yoga, self-care and you will feel the energy that you pour into it.

Herkimer Diamonds are distinctly harmonious in energy levels. When used properly to your ability or purpose, they are extremely powerful tools towards your healing journey. These crystals have powerful metaphysical properties and are very strong stones that aid astral travel, as they help connect the astral plane to the physical plane. Any person in the field of healing, expanding, and growing; this is the perfect stone to have, to hold, and to love that will give you that energy right back to you.

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