Mother of Pearl – Sage/Incense Holder


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Mother of pearl, Sage, Palo Santo & Incense holder.

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You asked and we found them! So beautiful for your altar or sacred space. These are great for your loose and resin incense  that you would burn, sage/ palo cleanse holders and regular incense holders.


Incense are not only powerful because it brings scent into your space, it also plays a dual role as a smudge! The smoke from the incense and sage/ palo santo, raises energetic vibrations in your space. Incense were in fact the original form of perfume, crafted many thousands of years ago by our ancestors to create and hold sacred space. These gorgeous shells are a great to keep your sage and incense in one spot.


Mother Or Pearl Shell / half  8″ long .  About 1″ deep. Good as a sage or incense bowl.

White inside , rough brown outside. / 1-Half only.


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