Naughty or Nice Bath&Body Oil – HOLIDAY EDITION


A holiday blend using Wintergreen, Pine, Peppermint & Cinnamon non-diluted Essential Oils infused with Sweet Almond Oil. Pour this into bath or massage onto body to really enjoy the essence of having holiday spirit. 


Allow this holiday edition oil bring you right back down candy cane lane! This blend is a wonderful sensation to the touch and smell that Christmas brings you. Just a dash of cinnamon to the ever-so refreshing Peppermint, wintergreen & pine oils with little star anise floating around, it’s simply a wonderful time! Infused with Sweet Almond Oil, bath and body oil. 

LIMITED EDITION – Large reusable skull bottle – Any day of the week, especially during Black Friday or New Years Eve madness!

Cinnamon– Boosts Brain Function, Improves Blood Circulation, Anti-inflammatory.

Pine– Soothing properties that bring relief to pain caused by burns.  It also works to reduce swelling in sore, irritated joints.

Wintergreen– A muscle soothing effect that stimulates circulation throughout the body for sore joints and pain.

Peppermint– Anti-inflammatory, soothing on all muscles.

Suggested use: Pour desired amount of oil into running bath water to make it ultra moisturizing. You can massage onto body during or after shower as well for soft, silky skin. 

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