New Beginnings – Aquarius Box


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Our New Beginnings Jan Sub box now available for single box purchase. Supplies limited.

Pack of 20 Incense Sticks $9 value
Incense is aromatic biotic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used in therapy, meditation, ceremony, and it may also be used as a simple cleansing, insectifuge, or air freshener.

Purpose Planner Mini Desk Pad $15 Value
Reclaim your time with a daily desk planner to plan your days or white a gratitude list, etc.

Toe Talk Mindful Yoga Socks $12 value
Form fitting, gripping, non slip socks to keep your feet warm while practice yoga on your yoga mat.

Loose Tea Pouch $6 Value
A flavorful herbal infusion of hibiscus, lavender, licorice, chamomile & peppermint.

Silly Yogi Tie Up Headband $10 Value
Multiple wear, hair tie and wrap around headband.

3 pack of Large Crystals $12 value

Total box value:$64


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