Orange Calcite (Mexico)- Inspiration


Will get your energy moving so that you can come up with something new, different, and innovative.


Orange Calcite helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and is helpful when working with emotional issues. Use Orange Calcite to energize and cleanse the lower chakras. Orange Calcite works especially well with the Sacral Chakra to enhance the will and remove depression. Working with Orange Calcite can bring higher insights from the upper chakras down into the lower chakras for processing so they can be used in a more instinctual way without needing extended thought.


Meditating with Orange Calcite can bring insights into the causes of apathy or lethargy, allowing one to take back control over one’s life. Orange Calcite’s vital energy can serve as a catalyst for the release of past traumas that have been holding you back, allowing for optimism and joy to come in. Those experiencing depression will benefit from Orange Calcite’s infusion of bright vibrations into the lower chakras.


This stone will show you how you can make space for new ways of living, for fresh ideas, and for other sources of inspiration.  Increase your drive and motivation. It will help you boost your efforts in achieving what you want out of life.


It’s a stone that will enhance your creativity. You will find inspiration in almost everything and everyone. It will encourage hard work and perseverance to achieve your financial goals. Not by pulling rank or using your connections to get ahead.


The energies of Orange Calcite will fill you with confidence in executing your plans. It will make you stay determined and help keep you going even if there are setbacks. Orange-Calcite will help you in overcoming your financial challenges, in developing and integrating new ideas, and in formulating new plans.


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