Pink Halite Crystal Salt – Purifying


Pink Halite helps to purify the air.  It is a mineral of self-love, healing, and personal strength.

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Pink Halite (pronounced hay-light) is a a salt crystal from the desserts of California.  It forms in beautiful and intricate woven geometric shapes featuring a baby pink color, and often-times fades into a dark pink color toward the bottom.  Since this crystal is a salt, it functions much like pink Himalayan salt lamps and will help to purify the air in your space.  This means it is great for those with asthma and other breathing issues.  Even migraines.

It is a mineral of personal power, self-love and heals one emotionally.

220 grams – 4″ x 2″

Since Halite is a salt, do not allow it to get wet, and do not place it in direct sunlight.  It also has an ocean/beach scent to it, just as a heads up.  But it is only noticeable if you sniff it directly HAHA.

Chain Length

18", 24"


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