A mystical Sweet Almond Oil blend to pour in your bath or massage onto body to get you in the mood during full/new moons for the winter season.

Essential Oils

Cedarwood is nutty, woody, and sweet scent that promotes powerful relaxation. Cedarwood can be added to skincare routines to help keep skin clear and healthy. It is also a natural insect repellent.

Lemongrass has a fresh, citrus aroma that stimulates and refreshes the body and mind. Its antiseptic properties help treat oily or acne-prone skin. Lemongrass also has deodorizing as well as antibacterial properties, which makes it an effective natural insect repellent.

Orange has a sweet, citrusy aroma that is commonly used for its uplifting and detoxifying effects. Its rejuvenating properties help maintain and brighten skin. Orange also boost immunity with its refreshing abilities.

Peppermint is a fresh, herbaceous scent that can be found in many oral hygiene products due to antiseptic and deodorizing abilities. Peppermint cooling and toning effects soothe skin. This oil also helps ease digestive upsets, relieves headaches, and reduces anxiety.

Suggested Use 
Pour desired amount of oil into running bath water to make it ultra moisturizing. You can massage onto body during or after shower as well for soft, silky skin.

Additional information

Weight 732.00 g

Sweet Almond Oil, Fair-Trade Essential Oils Cedar-Wood, orange, lemongrass, Peppermint. Lavender, Candela Flowers, and Rose petals


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