Unicorn Logo Shungite EMF Protection Tile


Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth. Blocks radiation from your cell phone and other electronics.

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Logo engraved EMF protection tile. Only 1 available.

Shungite as a black hole that absorbs the negativity that can cause issues for our physical body. That energy never goes any further–it is dissipated within the Shungite. It’s like the negative energy hits a brick wall, and it just stops existing.


Shungite takes care of the EMFs, the pulsing energies that come off so many of our electronics. The worst offenders are the cordless phone that we have in our houses, the land lines. Next on the list are the cell phones.


The land lines in the house are regular phones, and cell phones are radios, btw. Our computers, routers, and televisions, and even the smart meters electric companies are installing in our country, all have pulsing energies that create negative fields around them. These are the things that can hurt our physical bodies, and we cannot even see them.

 Russia. 5″ x 5″ x 1/2″ & 14.5 ounces. Type II Shungite. 


For example, if you take a piece of Shungite with a base of 2.8″, it will clear an area around it from 9.9 feet (3 meters) to 11.1 feet (3.38 meters), according to the book, Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification, by Regina Martino.

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