XL Lemurian Quartz Cluster – Harmony


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A “Universal Crystal” that enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy and are the supreme gift of Mother Earth.

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Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. In the metaphysical world, Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth.


Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so. Quartz can provide clarity of thought in order to influence your situation(s) and surroundings. It aligns your energy and brings you into a state of harmony. You can draw the energy of the Universe to you with one of these wonderful crystals.

Size: 5.5 in. Tall – Weight:  720g


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