Crystal Pocket Skull Luck Charms

Crystal skulls are said to choose their own guardians - if you are reading this page, you have begun the magnetic attraction to your own crystal skull which is inviting you to be its new caretaker.

Your real Pocket Crystal Skull will give you the power to create peace and harmony, light and healing, for yourself, for humanity and for the world.

ROSE QUARTZ Unconditional love, being open to receiving abundance. 

TIGERS EYE Protection while traveling, calms anxiety.

CARNELIAN Grounding, healing sacral chakra, and connectin to earth.

PYRITE Attracting new beggings, new jobs, new prosperity around finance.

ANGEL AURA Connect with your spirit guides.

BLOODSTONE Grounding, visualizing your dreams

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Holds intentions connects to heart chakra.

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