Saturday Night In Set

It's Friday or Saturday night. You had a productive week and you are ready to recharge. We got you covered. The real meaning of self-care is whatever you define it to be. Choose whatever makes you happy and fulfilled, don't think about what other people are doing for themselves. Whether it be reading a good book on the couch or a chair somewhere of distance from everyone, or pampering yourself with a nice little skincare or bath ritual, remember to take this time for yourself daily or weekly.  Use this set during your self-care rituals to enhance harmony within yourself. 

This set gives you everything needed to set the vibe, cleanse the space and drop into rest and relaxation. 


Vanilla Coconut Shell Candle ($28 value)

These eco-friendly candles are handcrafted using coconut-soy wax, natural aroma essential oils, and features a wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

Chamomile and Spearmint Tea ($12 value)

Chamomile and spearmint tea blend combines the calm and comfort of chamomile with the crisp, minty flavor of spearmint to create an herbal tea that is as soothing as it is refreshing.

Rose Sage Cleansing Stick ($10 value)

Ignite your Sage with a candle, match, or lighter. Allow it to burn for 30-60 seconds and then blow it out. waft the smoke throughout your space. It is best to start with the corners and mirrors in space.

Lavender & Peppermint Essential Roller ($12 value)

Lavender oil is used for relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema, nausea, and menstrual cramps.

Amethyst Crystal Point ($14 value)

Amethysts are reported to open a person's third eye. The third eye is considered to be a source of power and wisdom.

Angel Aura Crystal Point ($14 value)

Angel Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver (sometimes Gold or other trace metals); exhibits a light blue, rainbow, and silvery iridescence like the gossamer wings of angels.


A $90 VALUE!

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