Use the tools in the box to create a pampering night at home. Cleanse your space with our rose sage stick and set the vibe with some incense. Follow your bath with a face mask and keep your crystals next to your alter to call in protection and creativity.


Tainted Love Bath Bomb (MSRP $14) A signature, crystal, self-love bath bomb with a sensual blend of Rose and Vanilla essential oils. This bath bomb is full of warmth, joy, and unconditional love. 

Bag of Lemongrass Bath Salts (MSRP $12) A bath therapy for a therapeutic soak or all-over skin polishing. When used as a scrub, Sea Salts help smooth and polish skin. As a soak, these ingredients combine with stress-reducing essential oils.

Rose Sage Stick (MSRP $14) Smudging is a Native American ritual for spiritual cleansing and blessing. The smoke from the burning Sage cleanses all energy, good and bad, from people, objects, and places. Sage smoke also boosts in-home health by removing 94% of airborne bacteria. 

Jasmine Incense Pack (MSRP $11) Scents, aromas, fragrances (however you describe them) can be used to trigger specific responses. For instance; to encourage relaxation, aid sleep, promote concentration, stimulate creativity, increase motivation, and heighten sexual desire. 

4 Pack of Facial Sheet mask (MSRP $21) You will get a pack of 4 separate facial sheet mash, to leave your skin glowing as ever Go ahead, jump in the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and splash around!

1 Angel Aura Crystal Point (MSRP $16)  Manifestation stone.

1 Labradorite Crystal Point (MSRP $14) Great for challenging your inner wizard and calling in more money.

 * A $121 value set*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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