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Okay friends. So I am nervous and excited to let you guys know that I am going to be offering personal Intuitive Tarot Readings and Angelic Healing. When I went on my trip to England, I actually got certified in Angelic Healings…and I know that that sounds TOTALLY WOOO WOOOOO, insane, nuts, ‘never heard of this before so you must be crazy’….but it’s a real thing and it is happening. The shift and the change is taking place now.

Throughout my entire life I have always had a calling to spirituality….and when I was younger I thought that spirituality meant “faith” and my religion and my relationship to what I was raised to believe was the only God. As I got older and started my own healing journey, my meaning of spirituality changed. To me, it means, in touch with spirit.  Throughout my years I have seen many healers, readers and mentors and have learned from truly the best.. Many of them have changed my life forever. I have always known that I wanted to be a healer. And healing to many people means many different things. As a healer I will not take your pain away, I will not end your suffering, I will not heal you physically, I won’t save your relationship… But I may provide you with insight, clarity or advice that can help you start to heal yourself.  That can make you take a deeper look into your own subconscious. Many times we are so busy with the day to day hustle of life, we miss things that are right in front of our eyes. Or we self sabotage into pretending not to notice them, many times because we subconsciously believe that we are not worthy of greatness.

I have been a self taught Tarot reader for over a year now and the cards have showed me so much about myself, my understanding of life, and insight to my own mind and wildest dreams. In our readings I will use them as a reference to speak on what intuitively comes through to me on messages that may hopefully bring you some clarity or reference points.  I will also be using techniques that I learned in England by calling in your angels and highest arc angels to provide you with the strongest possible healing at that time. All you need to do is to be open.

I will only  be allowing one healing per day and may also be more limiting as to that. I also do not believe in time limits, we may go anywhere from thirty minutes to 2-3 hours or even more. The reading will be over when we both know that I have given you an abundance of insight to the best of my ability for you to take home with. I will be charging a flat rate of $45 and since I am just starting out, I would love your feedback. If you have gotten a reading from me already, please leave me a review in a comment below on this page. I would love to hear from you.

I will also be offering house calls to those local in Orange County for $60 depending where you live.  I will be traveling to your home to rid negative energy by giving you a house cleansing, a personal reading and also providing you lessons on full/new moon rituals, manifestation techniques and how to bring more joy into your life and home.  I will also be willing to give coaching during these sessions on how to start a small business, brand yourself, follow your passion and entrepreneurial advice to those who want it and don’t know where to start.



All inclusive but not limited t0:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Lessons and Tools for your growth
  • Twin Flame / Soul mate Counseling
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Energy Healing
  • Angelic Healings
  • Crystal Advice
  • Rituals Teachings – Manifestation Spells
  • New Moon and Full Moon Course


IN CALL / HOUSE CLEANSE $60 (Orange County, CA)

All inclusive package but not limited t0:

  • Personal Tarot Reading
  • Entire House Smudging / Cleanse
  • Customized Crystal Grid for Home
  • Rid all stagnant unwanted Energy
  • Lessons and Tools for your growth
  • Angel Healing Session
  • Crystal Advice
  • Rituals Teachings – Manifestation Spells
  • New Moon and Full Moon Course



Sessions can be held via phone or facetime or in persona.  To book a session please email me [email protected] or fill out the form below. PHONE NUMBER, AVAILABILITY, YOUR GOAL:

If you are interested in learning more about my practice and joining in on The Divine Love Ascension and Divine Pineal Gland Activations please email me at [email protected] and I will forward you more information.

Many people are only concerned about the emotional, mental and physical states, but issues relating to those three areas are because energetically and spiritually the person is out of balance. When you are born into the grids of denseness, where you are now, you take on pain and fear patterns from the people around you, which creates an imbalance within the energetic system. Already the young child is taking on beliefs from his or her parents, both beneficial or not. Also past lives affect the energetic balance and imbalance, and thus much clearing needs to take place.

Healing on this level, needs to be done slowly, as your DNA also must adjust to the higher love vibration once again. Slowly, the collective love grows, as they keep releasing, growing into new gifts, forgiving and allowing their strength to grow.

These codes hold the power to release you from these planes, allowing you to go to the greater spaces of love and healing, and reconnect with your star brothers and star sisters.  These Codes also hold the power within to bring awakening and healing to you and to your loved ones, to bring true love and light consciousness, to ascend all mankind into universal love consciousness.

Because together, we hold much power.  Together we must awaken what is within us!

It is now time to connect you back to the true love frequencies.

Specializing in: Blockages, Tarot, Angelic & Energy Healing, Small Business, Entrepreneurial Advice, Twin Flame & Soul Mate Understanding

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  • Thank you Samantha.
    I didn’t know what to expect. I had anxiety, fear and questioned the whole experience before hand.
    You are very open, easy to talk to, thoughtful, caring, positive, thorough, helpful and a really good listener! You are very detailed and give great suggestions on where to start, how to move forward and how to change. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to sit with you and get your insight and guidance. You read my mind and I felt you were able to draw out what I was already thinking and wanting to talk about without me saying much. The cards spoke for themselves. Definitely got goose bumps. Grateful to know I have your support and a new friendship through this journey. What ever that may be!
    Your awesome! Thank you for your time.

  • Sam is an exceptional tarot reader and took her time giving me a thorough and detailed reading. Any questions I had with the cards she was more than happy to answer! While she was interpreting the cards she pulled for me, I felt my crown chakra light up and had wonderful energy pulsing through my whole body. This showed me that my body was highly receptive to what she had to say and how on point her intuition was in regards to my life and the areas I need help with. I highly recommend Sam to everyone! I am eagerly looking forward to my next reading 🙂

  • I had a tarot card reading with Sam and let me tell you it was MAGICK! I could tell she felt my energy and I felt hers! Everything was spot on and I am so excited for the future readings! Thank you Sam 🙏🙏🙏

  • The tarot card reading I had with Sam was great! She explained every card in detail. I love the positive affirmations she gave me as well. I really appreciate the insight she and the cards provided. I have homework to do and then I’m ready for this next phase of the journey! It was also a treat to talk with Sam. I have been following Chasin Unicorns now for close to 2 years. She is a sweetheart. I highly recommend Sam for your next or your first tarot card reading. I’m very grateful for you Sam. 🙏🏼

  • Sam is absolutely amazing . I have had readings in the past but never a tarot reading . Sam’s energy is so beautiful and loving I instantly felt a spiritual connection to her. When we first started I felt chills all over my body starting at the top of my head !! UNREAL 😳 she took her time went through every card with love and confidence. I am absolutely blown away by my experience with her and it was life changing for me . I feel like i’ve gained a friend and a loving advisor. Seriously God bless you Sam you are so talented.. you have found your calling to spread love and light throughout the world ❤️

  • Amazing experience with Sam.
    She showed me a vision that I would never have came across. From starting up my Business to my personal life. She’s super easy to talk. At first our meeting was about how to start up my business in the right way then it led up to a tarot reading (never have done one before) but it was mind blowing. She explained everything on how the reading works and what the cards mean. At the end of the our session, I left feeling confident about my self and have a clear vision about my future. Thank you Sam an amazing experience.

  • I am in the midst of a career and possible life change. I needed some extra insight and advise. After following Chasin Unicorns and Sam for a while and loving their products, I reached out to Sam.

    What a wonderful hour+ I spent with her, while I was in NY and she is in LA it was like she was here with me talking through not only my professional options but the bigger picture of my life. It was way more than a tarot reading but really provided some great tips, books and habits for me to implement to help get me more clear on my direction.

    She has also followed up to see how I am doing and check on the outcome of my recent meetings. I got not only a one time reading but a real coach to encourage me in this next step of my life.

    Thanks so much Sam!!!

  • Oh my gosh Sam. I feel like I cannot thank you enough… your presence and energy made me feel so good and calm. I went home and picked up a journal and wrote some negative feelings I have toward past relationships , ripped it up, and burned it. I’m lighting some sage and journaling everything you suggested. Thank you so much for the tarot card reading. I have never had a tarot card reading, but I did feel all the cards related to my life! I was a bit shocked, and I now feel a bit more in tune with myself. I’m looking forward to yoga on sunday❤️❤️thank you so much love !!!!

  • Sam was such a great listener and I also really loved how she shared about herself. You forget that when you see an energy worker, that they have a past too. She made me realize that we’re all humans struggling in our own rights and we’re all meant to serve different purposes through the obstacles we over come. She was able to offer insight and advice on what I was personally dealing with , without telling her much of my situation at all. It’s like she just knew the energy and vibe I was working with and had the answer to help bring me into my light. She is a really radiant and strong energy , I could feel that even through the distance! Thank you so much Sam for diving deeper with me! I truly felt refreshed and clear headed after our session 🙂

  • I had my reading with Sam yesterday and it was a great decision. She is very sweet and easy to talk to. We have things in common, which made her easy to relate with. Her reading was insightful and she hit key points that I had been told from other nonrelated readings from other people. She gave me insight on love and business and myself. I am so thankful for her and her reading. Xoxo

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