SanRe Organic Skinfood -Natural Skincare Review

Chasin Unicorns Sanre Organics Review

I’ve been a loyal Burts Bees peppermint lip balm user for as long as I can remember, at least 10 years I  would say.  But I’m always down to try new lip balms to find something better.  Trust me, I’ve tried a lot that have dissapointed… so I was super excited when the first time I tried on the one from SanRe Organic Skinfood and it lasted for what seemed like forever!  So moisturizing, with a hint of shine (not shimmer).  I didn’t have to re-apply for hours, which is a nice change from the multiple times an hour I seem to re-apply the Burts.

Up next, I tried out their Rose Toner, which smells absolutely divine!  The first time I used it, I had to keep walking into the bathroom to spray more.  I just wanted to keep smelling it!  I overdid it a little, since it is made with natural essential oils, it will add moisture, and my skin is slightly oily to start.  Oops!  But a normal amount is just perfect.

Since I’m the older of the two of us, I love that many of their products have natural anti-aging benefits to help restore and rejuvenate skin.

They have tons of other amazing items available including makeup removers, lotions with SPF, serums, and so much more!

jo Chasin Unicorns brush signatureI personally love the cucumber facial wash but the lemon toner has been a miracle treatment for my oily skin. It was given my skin a brighter texture and I love how smooth it makes my skin feel under my sunscreen and makeup. Their chapsticks are all natural, smoothing and stay on for long periods of time and my favorite has to be there Baby eyes eye cream, that has become a staple in my daily screen care routine. I have been looking for the perfect under eye cream that is not heavy and just right. Thank you SanRe for allowing us to step up our skin care game and give us some all natural products to add to our daily routines! We are in love!

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