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Tarot has become a special part of my life. I won’t say HUGE, but very special. My first deck of cards legitimately started “talking to me” is what I called it. Sometimes I would be shuffling a deck and one card would just fly out and I would know that that was the card I was meant to choose. I am a self taught tarot reader and the deck I have is very special. On my most recent trip to Glasonbury, England, I walked into a little mystical shop on a mission to find a book that was for my exact Tarot deck. I asked the man at the counter if he had any and he said no I am sorry not for that deck. I thought bummer and then proceeded to browse around the store and the hundreds of metaphysical books they had and out of the corner of my eye, a book stood out to me. I picked it up and what do you know! It was a little book meant just for my Thoth Tarot Deck of cards. The guy at the counter was like wow, that was meant for you. It totally was.  I use my tarot deck when I am emotionally stuck or in a rut, if I have had a bad day, if I want some inner guidance for the life situation at the moment, or answers to love life, guys who pop up in my life or advice on anything I should be looking into that I may be over looking. Tarot decks are to serve as a purpose and guiding point for your highest self and subconscious.  They aren’t supposed to predict your future (I mean, they kinda do) but you are supposed to take each card positively and look into its true meaning and how you can better your current life situation. Example you shouldn’t go to an experienced Tarot card reader and look to them to have answers for you on decisions to make or predict how many kids you will have. Tarot is deeper than that. And to be honest if you have that mindset you may be disappointed with the cards that you pull.  Tarot cards serve as a point of reference for your subconscious mind to look into something important happening in your life that you may be over looking, or give you a message that your higher self needs at that moment in time. My deck and relationship with my deck is very special because I trust them, I trust myself. I trust in the universe. The divine flow. Are you understanding?


Over 5 years, my sister gifted me my first deck of Tarot Cards (Crowley, Thoth). At the time I was so excited, although I had NO idea how to use them, or what any of the cards stood for. They kept a safe space in my closet and it wasn’t until late 2017 I actually got them out of the closet and developed a relationship with them. In the beginning, I followed the guidelines of the little booklet that it came with, the old school, original layout. Before I figured out which was the best way to pull and draw them, some days I draw only 1 card. Some days 3. When I want a full on self reading, I follow the layout of how I very first intuitively learned. Which follows 5 sets of cards in pairs of 3, representing:

Cards 1 – the person who seeks and the nature of the problem and its main influences.  A court card (knight, queen, prince, princess) = dominant individual or influence

Cards 2 & 3 – the main cards describing the nature of the situation and the personality of the one who seeks.

Cards 13, 9, 5 + 4, 8, 12 ( the upper right and left pairs) – represent two potentials for the future. They may compliment each other, in which the cards on left = development of the right. If they are in conflict, the cards on the right may be considered the direction of the one who seeks, life will naturally flow unless action is taken to change its course. The the cards on the left will be possibilities of alternative action.

Cards 6,10,14 – assist the one in making whatever decision may be necessary. The implications of the issue.

So this is how I started out practicing.. and I started to google the meanings of each card, which I was surprised to find out that they each had such a relatable meaning. In my own words and opinions, tarot cards represent the parts of life and the journey one takes during stages of life. “Tarot is a very interesting subject because it deals with naturally occurring archetypes and experiences which we all go through in our human lives. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well. ” Which can offer extremely valuable insights, lessons and advice. The more I got to understand the cards, I started pulling 1, 2 or 3 randomly, depending on my mood and allowing the cards to offer me advice. Most times I was completely blown away. Even would starting busting out into laughter and the synchronicities, I really couldn’t believe the accuracy of how these cards where relating to my life.

When I let myself allow the cards to give me a message, I found myself with a peace of mind, stillness and calmness. When I was anxious, emotional or sad, I would draw a card and thank the gods for giving me the exact message that I needed to hear in that exact moment.

So my advice to you, is to click play and watch the video below. If you can relate to it or feel drawn to it, consider getting your own deck and allowing your own self and the cards to send you messages, that may help you tremendously on your path. I now enjoying reading cards for my family and friends and seeing the look on their face when the message is something that they can completely and utterly relate to.

Amazing quick 10 minute video I highly recommend watching for those interested to learn just exactly what are “Tarot” cards and what exactly Card readers do.

Hello, and welcome to our introductory series on Tarot! This project has been in development for a very long time, as it’s been my dream to make a Tarot series ever since I learned about it in 2011! Tarot is a very interesting subject because it deals with naturally occurring archetypes and experiences which we all go through in our human lives. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well. The purpose of Tarot is not to replace the intuition and singularity of the heart, but to support the conscious mind in making more connections with the heart – as most of us are aware, the thinking mind can often get very overwhelmed with too many thoughts exploding all at once; Tarot offers another avenue by which we may pause and reflect on ourselves and our lives, to make choices based on more whole and complete reflection and contemplation first. One of the best methods for using Tarot is in tandem with Meditation; once you draw a card, you can spend time in meditation reflecting upon the meaning therein to draw deeper understanding to your awareness.
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