Why We Love CBD

CBD oil and CBD infused products have become increasingly popular as more states legalize marijuana, but you might be wondering what exactly is CBD? Well, we’re going to break things down for you by discussing CBD, its benefits, and why we, at Chasin’ Unicorns, love CBD.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Although CBD is more commonly known as one of the major components of marijuana, the cannabinoid can also be found in hemp. What is the difference between marijuana and hemp? They differ in the qualities that people find of economic interest. Hemp is primarily associated with the fiber and the seed production, and marijuana with drug production. Most importantly, CBD does not get you ‘high’. Unlike THC, CBD does not bind to the cannabinoids in our brains that cause a euphoric state, better known as being high. Instead, CBD binds to the cannabinoids that are responsible for anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing effects, which has caused people to turn to CBD for health purposes.

CBD can help the body work to its optimal potential, by feeding your Endocannabinoid system. A healthy Endocannabinoid system promotes homeostasis within the cellular mechanisms of the organism. The use of CBD is believed to provide a myriad of medical and health benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be used to treat Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Epilepsy, and Seizures. This property of CBD can even help fight and prevent acne! In addition, Studies have found that CBD can reduce the body’s natural response to fearful and stressful situations. CBD reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, which causes a calming effect, so many people with anxiety or stress disorders resort to CBD instead of pharmaceutical drugs as a much healthier choice of medication and component of treatment. However, it’s CBD’s antiepileptic effects that have caught the attention of the medical field. Early clinical and anecdotal studies have seen promising results when using CBD to reduce epileptic seizures. The FDA also recently approved the first cannabis-based drug for the treatment for epilepsy.

Many pro-cannabis doctors and researchers have stood by these claims with tons of back up evidence and proven cases that go back decades. There is history to the hemp plant that dates back to early civilizations, The Old and New world, and in fact, even the Founding Fathers of America were hemp farmers. To see it finally making its way into the medical field, properly, is a huge deal. Right now, we are in a time of an awakening to the truth behind the pharmaceutical and marijuana industry, what is true and what is not. Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the United States—in 2016 sales grew by 30 percent, to $6.7 billion. Hemp, which we discussed above does not have the psychoactive properties associated with marijuana, it is used in a range of products, constituting annual sales of roughly $580 million and including food, fiber, cosmetics, and herbal supplements. So you can see here why America would want to capitalize on this distinct plant.

The most common ways to use CBD is topically, such as a body oil or salve that you can rub on, ingested under the tongue, and even vaping CBD is becoming popular now for that relaxation state of mind when on the go. My favorite way to use CBD is when I am on my cycle and have bad mensural cramps, this stuff truly works and usually within the first 15 minutes as well. Because the CBD goes through the skin and quickly works on pain and inflammation. 
This is our favorite CBD product with 500 MG of CBD isolate that works fast and effectively. We always encourage everybody to take the time and research on their own whatever it is they are interested in knowing more of. It is good to know something, but it is important to understand why. In such a new and rapidly growing industry, there is more and more evidence of CBD benefits coming out for us to finally and truly know about. For us, It was over time that we met people who used CBD for medical purposes and stood by it, which allowed us to understand the true properties of CBD, rather than listening to what the FDA and DEA want us to believe, which ultimately trickles down to money and power (that’s a blog post for another time). We live in an age where we can make our own judgement and have the resources to back it up! Take advantage of that!

So with that being said, we would love to jump ahead and tell you our CBD brands that we’ve used, worked with, and stand by!

Thoughtcl0ud CBD was created and founded by a former Navy Corpsman who graduated from UC Davis and UI Chicago. He created his own supplements and CBD products using vegan, sustainable, and organic lab tested ingredients. We love the Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD in cold-pressed hemp and his CBD vape, coming in many different flavors. I even like to cook with it and put a little on top of my food and my grandfathers food. Since CBD oil doesn’t taste like anything and it really great for inflammation and joints for elderly people. Use discount code UNICORNS for 20% off anything from his website www.thoughtcloud.net

Emerald&Herb was created and founded by a mother-daughter duo who’ve come together to show first their family, their friends, and now the world the positive healing properties of CBD. They use Fair-Trade essential oils and crystal-infuse all of their products too, just what we love! We favor their CBD Body Oils that use 99.9% CBD isolate, that you can use for massages, in the bathtub, or mixed in with your favorite moisturizer. You can find this in our Shop Boutique section on our website. I love love this body oil. I actually was going to make a Chasin’ Unicorns body oil for you guys, since I love for body oil (I am not a fan of lotion). I love my moisturizer to really sink into my skin and this body oil is so luxurious. Instead of re-making one, I decided to add it to our boutique for you guys. If you try it out let us know your thoughts!

LivingWater CBD Bath Bombs is the first brand ever to infuse CBD in water, they then continued to branch out and infuse CBD in bath bombs! So we were ecstatic given the opportunity to sell their CBD infused bath bomb on our website. Their bath bombs come in different essential oils, aromas and colors. The perfect time to use a CBD bath bomb is when you are sore from any type of physical activity aka muscle soreness, cramps from menstrual cycle, any self-love occasion, and simply wanting a holistic approach to a relaxing night at home. Hopefully one day soon we will collab and have their bombs skull-shaped like our signature bath bombs 😉 You can find these here. This were in our July Fly subscription box and were a hit!

CBD Oil Facts

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a key ingredient in cannabis.
  • CBD and THC are the most common cannabinoids in the plant.
  • CBD doesn’t get you high. It does not bind to the nerve receptors in your brain that cause euphoria (unlike THC).
  • CBD can be derived from marijuana or hemp plants.
  • CBD oil works naturally with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The ECS deals with the brain and central nervous system. So, CBD can potentially benefit your mood, memory, immune function, reproduction, pain perception, sleep, bone devleopment, etc.
  • CBD can lessen the effects of THC. If you ever feel anxiety or paranoia when high, taking some CBD oil can lessen those increased levels of stress.
  • CBD is non-toxic and you can’t overdose when taking it
  • It can be taken orally, cooked with your food, vaporized for smoking, or applied topically.
  • Benefits & Uses
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Treat/prevent acne. You can use topically on the skin.
    • You can share CBD love with your pets! It can help treat arthritis, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, aggression, cancer, Type 1 diabetes, seizures, separation anxiety, injuries, etc.
    • Large doses of CBD oil can help aid insomnia. Smaller doses can cause alertness.
    • Cigarette addiction
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Treat anxiety and depression
    • Stress management
    • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
    • Schizophrenia
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Heart health due to CBD’s antioxidant properties
    • Anti-seizure properties
    • Cancer treatment. CBD’s anti-oxidative properties can inhibit cancerous tumor cell growth
    • Prevent diabetes







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