‘Witch I Love Your Hair’ Spray Review – Curly vs. Wavy

If you’ve been following us, you know we have very different hair… one curly and one wavy/straight.  But we were both excited to try the brand new essential oil based hair care product from our friend over at “Witch I Love Your Hair!!” Check out each of our experiences below.  But first a little about Witch I love Your Hair in general.

First of all, the maker, Brigette is just the sweetest, and has such great energy!! It has been so fun getting to be Insta friends with her!  Witch I love Your Hair is an all natural, crystal infused, moisturizing spray, full of awesome smelling therapeutic grade essential oils.


So this is Jo, the curly haired one, so I’m talking to all of my fellow curly’s out there! If you don’t have curly hair, you can still read this, to experience what we go through on a daily basis to get the wild mane under control…. trust me it takes a lot.  Not only is curly hair crazier, but it also tends to be more dry and frizzy.  So don’t judge us when we tell you  we only wash our hair a couple times a week!

So to get the curls we want, or at least something near a desirable effect, because it’s seriously unpredictable (don’t even start with us on bad hair days you straight girls!), we go through a rigorous product process.   After every shower, a MINIMUM of five products are put in my hair… Moroccan oil, a root ‘booster’, mousse, spray gel, and now Witch for extra moisturizing!  Five, that doesn’t even count my shower situation or the fact that I usually put in another leave in conditioner.  If it is a special occasion, at least 3 more get added, hair spray, lifting powder, and pomade!  If it’s going straight… at least another on top of that.  I’m going to go broke on hair products I swear.

ANYWAY, back to the point of this post.  I started adding Witch into my hair right after I shower to add daily moisture into my already dry locks.  And for a slept on flattening failure (you know what I mean, if you don’t, see below), I spray a bit in to my dry hair to get it to ‘wake up’ and re-curl.

PS, my last little hair tip for the curlys… brush your hair before you shower, and then you do not need to comb after, it will leave more bounce in your hair!

jo Chasin Unicorns brush signature

Chasin Unicorns Witch I Love Your Hair Natural Product Review
Chasin Unicorns Witch I Love Your Hair Natural Product Review
Chasin Unicorns Witch I Love Your Hair Natural Product Review Curly Hair

Okay, Sam here! First of all, my hair is naturally beach wavy, but also holds curl very well and straightness very well. I have very oily textured hair.. These past few months I have been straightening and blow drying a lot more than usual, leaving my hair a little dry and damaged. When I got this product in the mail I was excited, because I told myself that I was going to give my hair a break and just start wearing it natural again (my day to day is a messy bun, lol). I spray this in my hair, generously, and literally all over my face and body because it is that good… the best mid-day pick me up refresher…just spray this shit everywhere I swear!!

Made with water, Castor oil and pure Essential oils, gives my hair natural texture, shine and hold. I spray when my hair is damp and either blow dry or air dry. Either of these is better than trying to go to sleep with your hair wet with the product in I have found. Thank you Brigette, we love you!! This will definately be a staple product for me, I love it that much! You can visit her website here.

sam brush ink signatureMade with: Pure & Distilled (Chlorine-Free!) Water, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Organic Pure Argan Oil, Love, Hair Hope For All & Good Energy.

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