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5 Steps to Achieve Healthy Nails

Blog post by Peyton Elroy  Follow her health and wellness instagram Here.

These are my real nails.

Over the years I have gotten many questions about them and what I do to make them grow/stay long.

The truth is, I don’t have a “secret” or special formula of supplements that I take to get this result.

I’ve spent time analyzing what I do that could be contributing to the nail health — thinking about my nutrition, supplements, and overall lifestyle.

When it comes to having beautiful hair, nails, skin, EVERYTHING... real beauty starts from within. So when we have the opposite experience, and something is weak or less attractive, we can get an idea about the fact that there is LACK within the body. But what is it?

Biotin is a popular supplement that people think about in relation to nails. I have never taken Biotin, and although it is known to aid in hair growth as well, its main function is to turn food into energy.

If I could instead point to other things that would help aid in strong nail growth, I would say:

  • Get enough Zine & Vitamin C in your diet. Most aren't paying enough attention to Zinc, which helps cell growth, protein formulation, and immune function (role of Vitamin C as well). Not enough Zine also contributes to low stomach acid, which prevents proper utilization of nutrients in the body.

  • Prioritize Iron and B12. This message is especially important for Vegan readers. Iron and BI2 are building blocks for blood cells. Not enough blood cells = not strong enough ANYTHING, period.

  • Eat enough protein. Protein is needed for Keratin, which improves nail health. T usually eat about 75% grams in relation to my body weight. So if you were 10Olbs, you would eat 75 grams of protein. Everyone has a different idea about how much protein humans need, but this rule (or close to this amount) has worked for me.

  • Manifest your nails. This technique might sound strange to others, but I write about my nails in my journal. I talk about how strong they are, how long they are, and how they never break. A journal entry of mine would read something like "I'm so grateful my nails are growing so fast. I'm grateful they are long, strong, and never break". I actually use this technique for all of my body and for attracting other outcomes in my life. Visualization and writing about what it is you want, allows your body and frequency to connect to those outcomes. Try writing about your nails

  • Finally, why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per year to get fake plastic nails glued onto you when you can have the real thing? So much of the cosmetic upkeep we normalize in society is used to cover up our lack. We normalize fake nails to cover up how weak or short our nails are. We normalize concealer to cover up dark circles or acne, which just like nails, can be changed with diet. We normalize so many things instead of addressing the root issues for our lack.

LOVE YOUR BODY AND YOUR BODY WILL LOVE YOU BACK! If you like having long nails, try growing yours out instead of acrylics. It can be done 💅🏼
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