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5 Different Ways to Secure a Hair Piece With and Without Glue

Finding the best hair piece for you is half the trouble.  Along your wig wearing journey, you’re sure to encounter things that you’ll have to navigate through, and find the best solution for you.  A common problem that people face is making their hair piece actually stay.  In this article, you’ll be learning five different ways to secure your hair piece and create an enjoyable experience that lasts all day.  There’s a way for you, we’ve just got to find it!

Bobby pins

When preparing your hair beforehand, get yourself a few bobby pins and get to braiding.   I recommend using a french style, so all of your hair is tucked in and flat.  Using a dutch braid can cause your hair piece to look lumpy or distorted. Make sure your brand is tight and all (or most) fly aways are tucked away.  Next, you’re going to apply your hair piece and start tucking bobby pins in inconspicuous places, attached to your real hair and the hair piece.  Put two on the back of your hairline behind your neck and behind your ears.  If you’re using a bobby pin that matches your hair piece's color, it will unnoticeably remain in its place throughout the day.

Elastic Bands

If you want a quick, no hassle application every time, maybe an elastic band is for you.  By sewing an elastic band to the lace border of your wig, you’ll be able to effortlessly apply your hair piece each and every time.  With hundreds of tutorials online, you can easily find a guide that’s perfect for you.  Soon, you’ll be on your way to the “I wake up like this” ease.

Wig Grip

Not into sewing?  I get it.  Next on our list is going to be wig grip.  This is very similar to an elastic band, however, this will be going around your head and behind your ears (think headband) to stabilize the head piece.  Wig grips are often made from a soft, stretchy material with small gel grips on either side.  Other times, you can find wig grips that are entirely a gel like material that will keep your hair piece in its place all around.


Do you prefer the traditional way?  If you have sensitive skin, glue or tape is not the way to go.  However, if you’re ready to, get to glue-in’, then let’s get to it.  Purchase a quality hair piece glue from any honorable source and start by cleansing the areas around your hairline.  This will eliminate any excess oils that will cause your glue not to set, stick, or solidify.  Next, apply a thin layer of glue on the skin where your wig will be applied.  Once you’re done - Wallah! You’ve got yourself stable hair all day long.


Tape is probably going to be your trickiest bet out of the bunch.  In order to prep your hair piece and your skin for tape, start off by cleansing your skin to remove excess oils and moisture.  Next, you’ll need to take a Q-tip and clean the outer edge of your hair piece with rubbing alcohol.  This will help the area in which you’ll be applying the tape.  Once everything is cleaned and prepped, start bordering the inside of  your hair piece with tape until you have proper coverage.

After reading these 5 ways to secure your hair, you should feel as though one or two could fit you and your specific wig wearing needs.  If you’re still unsure, you can always give each one a try and afterwards, decide which one you like best!  There’s always a way for you to reach your max wig wearing potential.

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