Products of the Month: October - Chasin' Unicorns

Products of the Month: October

I met a lady on my flight during our layover at the airport. She was going on a solo trip to Bali, searching for her soul. She had just lost her daughter who was only 19. The woman was so distraught she kept telling me she was lost, stuck in misery, and grieving. She never had the time to find herself during or after becoming a mother and the loss of her daughter completely unraveled her. I deeply felt her pain and sorrow. Yet I was oddly excited for her to embark on her newfound path and spiritual journey, even though a horrible tragedy had to unlock that.   She said something that stuck with me, she said she needed to learn how to give herself love. She had never “done it before.” At that moment, it made me reflect and realize my purpose and passion in this lifetime of sharing self-love. And not just the slogan or hashtag #SELFLOVE, but the literal act of honoring your authentic self and thriving in real sovereign self-love. I have only met a few people who radiate this unconditional, self-sustaining energy. Very few. This is the mission behind Chasin' Unicorns and my goal for myself as well.
Every month I curate a box that offers tools to truly self-heal and self-care because that is what self-love is. The Ritual Box is a reminder for healing our own shit with loving awareness while raising our self-worth. I want to thank anyone who is taking the time to read this email and has ever supported me on this mission. We have over 140 five star reviews on The Ritual Box and the ones that share how this box truly gave them the time needed to slow down and spark their never before self-love journeys hit the deepest.
I got invited to work out here in Bali, during COVID on a limited business Visa, with the goal to continue to work on making it the best user experience for you all. We have been working on a new website and portal to give our Ritual Box subscribers some very awesome perks. I have been wanting to make a monthly newsletter for a while and I think this is a great time to start. Embarking on my Eat, Pray, Love journey, and would love to take you along for the ride. 
I have been getting a lot of requests on Instagram to share the products that I post in my stories. So without further ado, here are my favorite products this month,  that I have brought with me on my travels (click images to learn more):

Blue Light Blocking glasses, while working on my laptop. Promo code UNICORNS to save 15%:

My yearly Parasite Cleaning detox, click to learn more:

My favorite coconut candle, available exclusively inside the November Ritual box:


My dry body brush, use in circular motions over skin before a shower:

This smells up the entire house! I bring these with the me everywhere I go:

My favorite body oil, I also use this as a non-toxic personal lubricant:



My current favorite gold necklace by Malabella, use promo code UNICORNS for 20% off:

I love using this crystal roller under my eyes, while I am laying in bed for anti-wrinkle prevention:

Tea leaves, crushed into powder for serious benefits & deliciousness:



I start my morning with these shots, a great way to kick start a detox. Use code unicorns:

My biggest game changer. These makeup removing towels make cleansing your face a breeze:

Sheet mask! I love these while watcing a movie or on a plan. My skin has. never felt so soft:


Here are my sneak peeks and picks for the November Ritual Box I have designed and curated. Getting these Ritual boxes in the mail is the highlight of my month as they kickstart my personal self-love Rituals.  Items are available only in the box! 3 other items will be a surprise. With FREE US shipping. So reserve today and get it delivered the week of November 15th.

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