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Bath Salts: Healing the body through Bliss

By Miss Komal Ram

For many of us, our homes are as much a sanctuary as our bodies. When you walk into your space, do you feel the energy welcome you? Hold you? Nurture your spirit back to its beautiful truth? Practicing self-care, and beginning your journey through the healing that bath salts can provide, is one way to feel this.

Users of crystals and natural products are used to skepticism, judgment from others that don’t believe or don’t see the evidence. Yet, bath salts have been used by so many people for recovery efforts. Many are marketed as a “post-workout” necessary habit in order to truly see the fruits of one’s efforts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, bath salts are often misused from their soothing effects, instead of being ingested and scarring the mind and body.

To enjoy them safely and begin the radiant process, run yourself a bath just hot enough to melt the stress away. Prepare your crystals and take time to enjoy them as the water level rises. The energies inside you and around you may begin to swell, a sensation is easier to feel than explain. But, a symphony will nonetheless perform through you, cleaning the heart, mind, body, and soul every so gently. Music, candles, and a reasonable glass of wine can produce more vibrant results. Take your favorite bath salt, I personally find Cleopatra's Love Bath Salts to be generous with aroma and care, and sprinkle into your oasis. Let the salts dissolve and enjoy the bouquet of royalty before going toe first into your healing water.

As I will delve further into the “Healing of the elements” in future posts, water can be the movement behind healing. Much like a river tirelessly presses on, so too can the warm water move into safety, healing, and warmth. What bath salts do is best explained through analogy: When you go for a hike do you want to be barefoot or do you want to wear shoes? To administer the positive effects of water, what better way to do so than to accompany them with floral notes of jasmine, rose, and most sweetly of all, lavender.

Stay in your bath as long as you see fit. You can handle the chores, the texts, the updates, and the fun far better once you are restored. Your sanctuary is yours to create, let Chasin Unicorns help build it with you.

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