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12 Benefits of Adding Chlorophyll To My Water Everyday

You may have heard a lot of buzz surrounding the health benefits of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables with deep, rich color tones. In many ways, they’re perfect foods and part of the credit is owed to the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis.

One of my amazing friends Cristie is certified Homeopath (the study of alternative medicine) practitioner. She helped me heal my broken collar bone in 3 weeks using DMSO and my doctors couldn’t believe how fast I healed! She is drop dead gorgeous with glowing skin and her morning and night routine is a combination of natural supplements, giving her an early head start on botox ;) She told me that I should start taking Chlorophyll daily, so I didn’t ask many questions, I just listened and I am loving the benefits. I purchase the mint flavored kind on Amazon and it lasts me about 4-5 months, and really doesn’t have much flavor or taste at all.

 Here are some of the benefits:

  • Restoring the Red Blood Cells
    • Chlorophyll is exceptional at restoring and replenishing your red blood cells. It has a wealth of enzymes that aid in cleansing of the blood as well as enhancing the blood’s ability to transport more oxygen around the body.
  • Potential Prevention of Cancer
  • Detoxification
    • The increased blood flow and oxygen in the blood triggered by the presence of chlorophyll helps the body flush out harmful toxins much faster. Apart from that, chlorophyll can bind and get rid of toxic and heavy metals such as mercury from the body, thus helping in the restoration of the liver. This is very beneficial for the body.
  • Improving Digestive Health
    • Chlorophyll stimulates regular movement of bowels, thereby sustaining intestinal health and by extension improving digestion. It plays an essential role as a natural remedy to intestinal complications and helps in rejuvenation of the wounded tissues.
  • Balancing the Acid-alkaline Ratio
    • Drinking liquid chlorophyll helps in harmonizing the acid-alkali ratio in the body. The traces of magnesium present in chlorophyll are highly alkaline, and the primary reason chlorophyll can balance this ratio. Healthy alkaline and oxygen ratios in the body inhibit the development and growth of pathogens. It also prevents cardiovascular-related complications, enhances the functioning of kidneys, and improving liver and brain health.
  • Healing Wounds
    • Chlorophyll solutions are excellent in healing wounds and burns when used topically. They helps lower inflammation, stimulate the production of white blood cells, kill germs, and increase the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Deodorizing Abilities
    • Chlorophyll is regarded as one of the most effective natural deodorizers. It is efficient at dealing with bad breath and can be used as mouthwash. It helps reduce the amount of gas in the colon and stomach, a factor sighted as the fundamental cause of bad breath.
  • Helps Control Hunger and Cravings
  • Super Potent Antioxidant Action
    • It protects cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals.
  • Effective Against Candida albicans
    • Candida infection is a big problem for many individuals and can lead to fatigue, depression, and digestive problems - just to name a few. Research has shown that isolated chlorophyll solutions stop Candida albicans growth.
  • Relieves Systemic Redness and Swelling
    • Traditional medicine has long used green leaves for infections. With modern approaches that have limited effectiveness and a long list of side effects, natural remedies are getting another look. Animal studies have found that green leaves help to reduce swelling and redness!
  • Promotes Healthy Iron Levels

Chlorophyll possesses an amazing range of benefits and is readily available to everyone. Chlorophyll-rich foods are also healthy in their own right as they contain essential vitamins and nutrients needed for cardiovascular, muscular, and neural health. Consume foods containing chlorophyll or take a dietary supplement for best effect. So if you are looking to add some awesome health supplements to your diet, this is a great starter. Fun and easy to take; can also be adding to cooking, smoothies or juices. XX

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