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Stephanie’s Signature “BulletProof” Matcha Latte

"How many of you are matcha tea/latte lovers? How many of you are coffee bullet proof lovers? How many of you are a combination of the two?!"

Hello angels, I decided to start a little theme here for you, Self Care Sunday! Where I will be posting a blog every week giving you my latest recipe, tips or tricks on how to maintain a positive, loving lifestyle. I f***ing looooove working alongside my sister Sam (our Queen and mother of unicorns) and I am fortunate she’s giving me this platform to share with you my lifestyle health hacks because I am so passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle! Whether it be in the kitchen, the gym, in nature, I am always trying new things and researching what’s the best to consume or do to live a healthier, happier, longer life. All the while, I strive to spread my messages in my most authentic self. So many trial and errors but learning and growing is what I do best. I can not express enough how being consciously aware of what you put into your body, can truly transform your life. This knowledge and empowerment is what I hope to spread to you all little by little. Starting with this, I hope you like what you see from me! Here’s my latest latte recipe that I want to share with you.

I’m standing tall and proud, so I’ve created a concoction of my own that has both! Almost all my friends have come to love the benefits from this matcha latte for their morning rituals and it really doesn’t take much, all in the while it provides SO much for your brain, body, and happiness. I love this quick little recipe so much that I wanted to share with you how I make it in the mornings before my 6:30am gym practice, or before a workday, because it’s perfect to sip on for that natural energy and awareness, & perfect if you are trying to cut out/back on coffee. **black coffee actually has proven beneficial properties for you, however, it’s the cream, sugar, and mycotoxins that give it a bad rep**

Each ingredient provides a health benefit that I explain below. I look forward to my mornings and making this!! During my transition phase into becoming a morning person, this has helped me tons. It brings me so much joy
when I genuinely like the taste of something healthy for me. I like to use all types of matcha flavors, but mint or cacao are my go-to’s. Depending on my mood is how I’ll decide; mint is like a refreshing and pleasing wake-up call and the cacao taste like a midwinter’s cup of hot chocolate by the fire, it’s always hard to choose which one!


  • 2 tspn of Healing Butterfly mint or cacao matcha powder (discount code bottom of blog)
  • 2 tbsp of Collagen Powder
  • 1 tbsp of unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil
  • 1-2 tspn of MCT oil (go with what you can handle, some can handle 1 tablespoon while others can only handle ½ teaspoon)
  • 1 tspn of Ghee (optional – for the keto lovers)
  • ½ tbsp of Manuka Honey
  • Dash of cinnamon


Boil 9 oz. of filtered water. While waiting pour the matcha powder, collagen powder, and cinnamon into your mug. When the water is done, pour the water into your mug and stir to dissolve the powders. After doing that, pour the liquid into a small size blender, I like to use the magic bullet. Next, add the coconut oil, mct oil, ghee (optional). Blend for 5 seconds. Before you pour coffee back into mug, add the honey. Mix and Enjoy! The consistency is a thick, creamy, latte with foam on top, hence why I call it a latte! The coconut oil creates a milky texture when blended. Blending is key to this recipe.


  • Matcha powder includes powerful antioxidants, boosts metabolism, rich in fiber and vitamins, calms the mind, enhances mood and concentration. That’s why I find it a perfect replacement of coffee to wake me up, help boost my morning mood, and get my digestion up and running.
  • I’ve been taking collagen for quite a while now. The powder form is my favorite because I add it to my hot drinks and it never has an aftertaste! Collagen improves skin elasticity (hello longevity!), aids in joints and cartilage repair, and also good for the gut! It has many more benefits but those top 3 alone have sold me.
  • Having all those fats from the coconut, MCT oil, and ghee provides you and abundance of saturated fats to last you through the morning (the good, healthy fats) that when I drink this I usually never eat breakfast. I’ll come home straight from the gym and wait a couple hours to eat, so my first meal will be around 11am. Also, it depends on your fat, carb and protein intake to determine if this can be a meal replacement. I do want to say that everyone is different, so listen to your body on how it can handle certain changes and foods. Aka don’t starve yourself but also keep in mind the amount of fats you intake. (because let’s be real, sometimes pancakes after leg day is necessary).
  • Manuka honey is something that I learned about and fell in love with this year when traveling to England and meeting a New Zealand manuka bee farmer himself that told me about his own honey farm. Now this may be controversial for our vegans, but I like Manuka honey (only honey I consume) because I am aware of the benefits, and I know no bees were harmed in the production of the manuka honey I use specifically from New Zealand. Did you know doctors and hospitals recently have been using pure manuka honey to treat wounds? Because of its high antibacterial properties. Also, it helps oral health, prevents sore throats, and aids in digestion. This is not your average grade A honey you find at your local grocery store; Manuka honey is a monofloral honey produced from the nectar of the manuka tree, in New Zealand. So the properties it holds is much more potent and higher than honey you see here. *Note* When searching and shopping for Manuka Honey, look for a high UMF number. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It is a quality trademark and grading system that can identify natural unadulterated manuka honey. UMF identifies manuka honey that has the special natural property found only in some strains of manuka honey.
  • Lastly, besides the amaaaazing flavor cinnamon brings, it also has high anti-inflammatory properties and aids in hormone insulin! Super important! Who doesn’t love cinnamon anway?

Liquid elixirs in the morning are the number one way to help keep your digestive fire staying strong for the day. However, I ALWAYS suggest having a full 8-16 oz of filtered water first thing when you wake up (what to add to that will be for another blog). After sleeping for an average of 8 hours, that’s how long your body has gone without any water or liquids. It’s crucial to replenish yourself with room temperature (never cold) water when you wake up for the hydration. **Having the water be cold may shock your system slightly and make your body work harder to warm your digestive tract back up, where as drinking room temperature water helps keep the body moving**

Having matcha in the mornings is a natural call for energy. Since it’s summer now, I think we all need a little something like this for our Monday mornings lol, just a little help to wake us up for the day and the new week ahead of us. Matcha helps greatly with memory and concentration. It increases energy and endurance, detoxifies the body, burns calories, and is loaded with antioxidants!!! With it having a rich yummy flavor, what more can we ask for? 



I also want to add that having a well balanced lifestyle aids in overall health as well. So aside from all my upcoming health advice, make sure to treat yourself in whatever way you feel and don’t feel guilty about it! If you like this blog and enjoy learning this new recipe from me, please let me know your feedback! and interests! so I can give you guys what you like! I would love to know who of our followers are plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, or even raw!

Let’s live our best life together!

xx Stephanie aka Ms_Strom

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