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Chasin’ Unicorns Bath Bombs Vs ‘The Other Guys’

We would never be arrogant enough to tell you that we make the best bath bombs in the world at Chasin Unicorns… because guess what, no one will ever be able to actually tell you which is the best.  We all have different tastes and requirements, so even bath bomb aficionados and product testers aren’t going to be able to tell you what YOU would consider best with 100% accuracy.  But we can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words we have received so far about all of our little skull buddies.  It makes our day every time we receive one of your special notes.  So what makes the Chasin’ Unicorns Bath Bombs different than ‘the other guys’…

We tried a healthy amount of bath bombs during the process of making ours.  We had already designed and come up with the recipes before starting this trial period, so don’t worry, we didn’t copy anyone.  We just wanted to see what was out there in this insane world of bath bombs.

Obviously they come in every shape, size, color, scent, fizzy, bubbly, interior, sprinkles, etc. so the world is your oyster.  But here are a few things we noticed and/or were confused by.

  • We are curious how some of these brands are including ‘coconut oil’ and yet somehow the bath is drying? huh?
    • One that we tried, literally made our skin itch the second we got out… we can only assume it was either the fragrance or corn starch? No bueno.
  • Contact high from smelling the shipping box… yes, we got some that were SOOO fragrant they smelled through their packaging, a fancy box AND the shipping box.  If you like artificial scents that overpower your senses go for it… even if it’s not good for you to inhale.
  • Strange toppings like cereal? Ummm do I look like a bowl of milk to you?  There are some odd things people put on bath bombs that might be cute but we’re just not sure we need them in the tub with us.

There are definitely some things we’ve noticed people are looking for in a bath bomb… and what you can expect from ours

  • A great scent… well of course! Just make sure it’s a natural one.  Ours are created with therapeutic grade essential oils, so you will not be hit with a scent wall, but you will get a nice smell.
  • Pretty colors… we get it, they are fun, but they are also usually created with chemical dyes. Check out our post on colors (and fragrances) and why you shouldn’t be dying yourself like an Easter Egg.  Anyway, you will get mild color from the activated charcoal in The Black Peal.  Which is natural and of course, non-toxic.
  • Moisturizing… we have that covered luckily.  Out bath bombs are made with real coconut oil and sweet almond oil, so they will leave you feeling moisturized.
  • Skin, hair, and nail soften ... we add Kaolin Clay to each of our bath bombs, too. give yourself a full-body soak.
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan… Some people *ahem* Lush *ahem* seem to have this claim to fame, and well of course, who wants to torture puppies?  But everyone seems so focused on that as a selling point… we’d like to think most small business or handmade bath bombs weren’t used on their own pets.  We can safely say the only animals we’ve tested on are Unicorns, and by that, we mean ourselves, not REAL unicorns.  We’d never do that!
  • Size matters… we don’t care what the boys say.  We can’t tell you how many tiny bath bombs we came across that said ‘large’ on them.  Check out this one from Amazon compared to ours.  PS, ours are about 8oz of product for reference (aka a packed cup).
  • Prize in the center? Yeah, most of you didn’t know you were looking for that one! Luckily, ours all come with a 1-2″ crystal in the center.  You can read about the benefits on our posts here and here.



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