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Chasin Unicorns July Subscription Crystals

These are the crystals included in the Monthly July Subscription Box. To learn more about the Monthly Subscription Boxes, click here. To see crystals for sale in our shop, click here.

Ocean Jasper

This is a beautiful and powerful crystal for karmic cleaning and healing related to past lives. It was only discovered in Madagascar at the millennium. Given its name, it should be no surprise that this crystal is also called the Atlantis crystal. It can be used to clear karmic patterns related to Atlantis, especially the misuses of power that are thought to be connected to the fall of this civilization. Karmic cleansing is important to help us address the deeds that we may have committed in past lives or even earlier in this life that could have reverberated forward into today.

You know, those actions we may have taken, words unsaid, etc that we can continue to feel the pull of, energetically speaking, and sense that they haven’t quite been addressed. It is only once we fully address the past, that we can successfully clear our soul and step into the future as whole, integral beings. By releasing, rectifying, and regenerating, we can renew ourselves and continue our own spiritual growth and evolution.

When you gaze into the whorls and swirls of a piece of polished ocean jasper, let yourself flow with its currents and movement. As you trace its patterns, you can see how all things are interconnected. In this way, ocean jasper can serve as a useful crystal for the integration of knowledge, understanding, and recognition of your gifts. By helping us connect with a deeper understanding of how we can serve in harmony, it assists us in bringing together pieces from our past or fragmentations from our soul to heal our emotional traumas and spiritual dissonance. Like the ocean, it moves from the depths to the surface, bringing and taking, cycling us through the stages of introspection and renewal. The ocean is both strong and empathetic, balanced between its shadows and its light.

Ocean jasper is connected most strongly with the third chakra (solar plexus) and with the fourth chakra (heart). It resonates with the energy of the zodiac sign of Leo.

Along with its specific properties, ocean jasper also carries many of the benefits generally applied to crystals in the jasper family as a whole. These stones are nurturing at their core, helping to support us through times of stress, deepen our inner tranquility, encourage us to engage with our sense of wholeness, and unify disparate parts of ourselves. Jasper can be a grounding stone, providing protection, cleansing, and balance; it can also be a stone of courage, assertiveness, determination, and honesty. By combining these qualities, it helps enable us to complete projects and be organized as we take our creativity from idea through to action. Jasper comes in many colors, from solids like blue jasper to other multicolored members of this family like leopardskin or rainforest jasper.

How to use: Meditate with ocean jasper to connect with spirit guides, especially those with knowledge from Atlantis; place on the heart chakra to help bring up buried emotional issues and come to terms with these gracefully; place on the sacral chakra to stimulate self-confidence and creativity. Shop this crystal here.

What are your favorite ways to use this crystal? Add your wisdom and experiences below!

About me: I’m Victoria, and I’m a full-time medical student and part-time intern for Chasin’ Unicorns, interested in psychiatry, especially working with children and in global mental health. I stumbled into the world of crystals during my Saturn Return and quickly became immersed in the realms of mystical and spiritual tools for self-empowerment, including astrology, tarot, and Ayurveda. And I’m always ready to learn and explore more!

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