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Does your shaving cream cause cancer?

All July Summer Ritual boxes have shipped out. Thank you lovers for your patience and support. We can not wait! To hear your reviews and see you using your Strawberry Fields Forever Ritual's.

All left over items have just went live in our “Ritual Refills” and “Bath & Body” boutique. Once items are SOLD OUT they will not be returning. Subscriptions for July are CLOSED meaning that if you still wanted to claim one of these boxes you can order in the “Gift Boxes & Sets” section of our shop. We have ONLY 33 July Ritual Boxes left!! You can claim one for $55 (subscribers save an additional $10 every month). You are now also able to purchase all items individually.


Like all salt scrubs Pink Himalayan salt is great for exfoliating the skin. This opens clogged pores and combats acne and other blemishes all while buffing away and removing dead skin cells to expose a fresh barrier. Which allows oils, moisturizers and the vitamin E skin treatment to absorb more readily.

Himalayan salt is a brilliant natural exfoliator that will blast away dead cells for softer, brighter looking skin. Whilst regular salt can be drying, the minerals in Himalayan salt help to restore deep hydration to the skin. 

Locally hand made in a small kitchen and in small batches, with organic ingredients. When sold out this limited edition item wont be returning! Click here to order.


You'll see them listed as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or ammonium lauryl sulfate, or by the abbreviations SLS or SLES. They are included as cleansing ingredients, or to help the product foam, but have been linked with dry skin, rashes, dermatitis, and impaired hair growth. Research has shown that SLS compounds often mimic estrogen, an important function in the female reproductive system. There is evidence that it can also irritate the skin. Depending on how it's processed, this toxic substance could also house a known carcinogen called ethylene oxide.

Our shaving cream softens skin and hair leaving for a close shave. Made with real strawberries, shea butter, and coconut oil. Leaving your skin oh so silky smooth.  A little goes a long way. Simply spread your shaving cream in a thin layer and massage it into the skin to soften the hairs. Then shave as you usually would. 

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We have been wanting to offer a non-toxic bubble bath for forever, and it is finally here! Not only does this formula (made with REAL STRAWBERRIES) give you the bubbles of your dreams, it doubles as a body wash and leaves your skin feeling oh so hydrated. Safe for the whole family including toddlers and proudly tear free. Infused with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Herb water. Click here to learn more.


Last but not least we have some left over units of this months featured item! A super scalp treatment for healthy hair and scalp! This retails for $37 everywhere else but you can purchase directly from us for $20 while supplies last. WON'T BE RETURNING, ONLY 22 UNITS LEFT!

Filled with a scalp soothing and stimulating blend of nourishing plant based ingredients like Black Cumin Seed & Tamanu seed oil, this Scalp Treatment helps to calm, soothe and stimulate your scalp helping it get to a healthier state, while promoting healthy hair growth and nourishing your hair follicle! 


This box is worth $135 when purchasing items separately. Subscriptions are closed for July, meaning if you still wanted to purchase this ritual box you can get it al la carte for $55. We have only 35 boxes left! What would you rather do ... pay separately for each item. Or buy the bundle? We also have 12 boxes left of our best selling Flower Bomb Ritual Box. Click to purchase:

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