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Cheat Sheet: How to Read Your Human Design Chart


Written By: Michelle Pellizzon

Step #1: Know Your Type

Manifestor, The Self Starter. Open Sacral, throat connected to motor.

They'll have the open sacral and then they'll have the throat connected to a motor so it can be connected to the solar plexus. It can be connected to the route via the spleen or it could be connected to the heart for a manifesting generator.

Manifesting Generator, The Multi-Passionate. Motor to throat, defined sacral. The newest type, 33% of the population.

Manifesting Generators that have their throat connected to maybe their heart center to either their solar plexus or to their route via the spleen. MGs learn and move quickly — they might look flaky from the outside because they have lots of different projects going on at the same time.

Generator, The Life Force. No motor to throat, defined sacral; 37% of the population.

A generator’s chart is going to be different because a generator they can have a defined throat Center, but it won't be connected to a motor. The other requirement that they have is that they will have a defined sacral. Generators carry lifeforce energy with them. Don’t say “yes” to too many people.

Projector, The Guide. No motor to throat, open sacral; 22% of the population. 

They have no motor to the throat and they have an open sacral so they can have a defined throat Center. There to guide the collective, but have to wait for people to ask them in order to share their insights.

Reflector, The Mirror. All centers open.

They're going to have every single Center open and they're going to have Gates but they won't have channels. They're going to be the ones that are here to blaze a trail and they're here to kind of call the shots, but they're very limited on energy. Magical beings who are mirrors to the world! Least likely to hold on to conditioning; chameleons. Physical and emotional wellbeing contingent upon their environment.

Step #2: Your Strategy

What you need to do to put yourself in alignment to make an effective decision? Strategy is always based on your type (ex: all Projectors will need to wait for the invitation), and these strategies don’t change depending on your chart.

Manifestor: To inform

They’re here to blaze a trail — Manifestors need to be encouraged to talk about their intentions and what they want to do. That’s how they’ll get people who are 100% onboard to help them. They don’t have the energy themselves to usually carry a project all the way to the end; they’ll need a support group of MGs and Generators to do the work, Projectors to project manage, and Reflectors to tell everyone about what they’re doing.

MG & Generators: To respond

This can be a little confusing. We need something in our outer reality to show up to respond to. MGs and Generators want to initiate... but an idea is NOT something that MGs and Generators respond to. They must respond to things outside of their body: something they hear at the grocery store, what a person tells them, etc.

Projectors: Wait for the invitation

Someone needs to call you out for your advice. People can feel your aura and that you’re willing to share. This can also be an energetic invitation — you don’t need an explicit invitation to share your insights.

Reflectors: Wait a lunar cycle

Reflectors need to wait a whole 28 days to really feel through all of their BodyGraph. They can’t be rushed into a decision because the Moon needs to hit on every single gate. They don’t need to take advice from others — they need to listen to themselves.

Step #3: Your Authority

Authority is what should be making decisions for you. It’s not specific to type, it depends on what’s happening in your centers (Reflectors being the exception). And here’s the thing: your brain isn’t the thing making decisions.


There’s no truth in the now, sleep on it until your emotions are level (half of the population!)


Go with your gut; you’ll make sacral sounds like, “mhhhhm.”


Voice of intuition, only knows what’s right in the present moment; will only give you the answer one time, so pay attention!

Ego Manifested:

Your voice leads, you follow. Be uncensored, blurt it out.

Ego Projected:

“What do I want? What’s in it for me?” This is completely antithetical to what we are conditioned to do.

Self Projected:

Will this make me happy? Is this in alignment with who I am? (when G center is defined to throat)

Environmental (Mental Projectors):

Clarity will come when you’re in the right environment; be careful about who you spend time with!


Clarity once a full moon cycle has passed. Sometimes, it may take more than one moon cycle to make a decision.

Step #4: The Centers

This looks pretty confusing on a Human Design chart. The Nine-Centered beings evolved from the Seven-centered being. The lines between them are the channels. The white part of a channel is a gate, the colored in part is which part of the gate or channel you have access to.

Undefined centers are white, defined centers are colored in. The colors of the center do not matter. When you have a defined center, you have a very fixed sense in that area of who you are. Undefined areas are where conditioning lives, defined centers are where shadow lives.

Red and black colors are where you have consistent access to a channel or gate.

Step #4: The Centers (con't)


A pressure center where ideas and inspiration are. Those who have this center defined can put mental pressure on those who don’t.


To research and conceptualize.


Communication and manifestation.



Heart (motor center):

Willpower, drive, self worth.

Solar Plexus (motor center):

Emotions, empaths need to set boundaries here and be careful about energy vampires.

Sacral (motor center):

Work and life force energy.


Survival intuition, time, immune system.

Root (motor center):

Adrenaline — you’re designed to procrastinate if this is defined!

Step #4: The Profiles (con't)

You can see what someone’s Profile is, just by looking at the line number for the Personality Sun (top right number in red), followed by the line number for the Design Sun (top left number in grey).

1: The Investigator

Does lots of research, but don’t let feeling like you don’t know enough hold you back.

2: The Hermit

Loves alone time. The more you retreat, the more likely people are to come seek you out.

3: The Martyr

Needs to learn via trial and error, can’t just simply be told. They need to experiment and make mistakes.

4: The Opportunist

Opportunities will always come to you through your social circles.

5: The Heretic

People will project onto you, make sure you’re clear about what you’re prepared to help people with.

6: The Role Model

Lots of learning, trial and error will make you a wide source to be looked up too.


Since our strategy is to respond ,check in with your body each day to see what’s lighting you in terms of a workout . If you like a consistent work out schedule and you’re not excited a particular day about working out, add an element that would make you excited. A hip hop playlist, fun out fit, etc.

You have an abundance of energy, try higher energy workouts like HIIT, a dance workout class, trampoline style workouts, strength training, or spin.

You want to use up your energy throughout the day so you can sleep restfully  workouts that excite you are a great way to do so.

Generators have open auras - take in nature and take your workouts outside, barefoot if possible!


Strategy is to initiate - take the lead on organizing group workouts! Organize ahike or a new class you can all do together. Your friends who have strategies to wait or respond will especially appreciate this!

Boxing would be a great workout. Mentally challenging but really engages you to step into your power and initiate movement.


You could also set bigger fitness goals like wanting to complete a triathlon or marathon running. Something that requires consistent training in order to accomplish a big goal or achievement.

Something like Class Pass may be a good option for you too so you can constantly be switching up their workouts. Learning new systems and avoid getting burntout or bored.


Like the generator, their strategy is to respond using their sacral or gut feeling. Checking in each day with a workout that lights them up and uses that energy.

Something like Class Pass may be a good option for you too so you can constantly be switching up their workouts. Learning new systems and avoid getting burnt out or bored.

Defined sacral centers which need to recharge during sleep so it can be extremely helpful for them to work out before bed. Exhaust the last of that energy so they can sleep soundly!

MG’s have the ability to have their hands in a few different things so try mixing up your workouts so you’re always excited and don’t get bored.

Could also do something like strength training in the morning and yoga at night. Generally have the ability to do multiple types of workouts in a day.

Generators need to exhaust themselves and then go to bed, MG’s can climb into bed and then continue to exhaust themselves. So a night time yoga or stretching would be beneficial here.


Since your strategy is to wait for an invitation, you could apply this to choosing workouts. A friend asks you to go to a yoga class with them, you get offered a free week at a new studio, etc.

Rest is important for projectors. More low impact exercises like yoga, daily stretching, light hiking, intuitive dancing, swimming.


Because you have an undefined sacral, some days you may feel energy burst and other days you may feel more tired. Change up your workouts based on these days!

Higher energy days would be great for running, a bit more challenging hike, or maybe a more challenging yoga class.

Since you pickup others energies, it’s great to discharge that excess energy at the end of the day. Dancing to music, walking barefoot outside, or evening stretching can be wonderful.


Alone time can be extremely beneficial for reflectors for you to discharge energy. At home yoga and breath work would be wonderful.

Limited capacity to sustain energy so high impact exercises can be much harder on you. Gentle walks in nature, yoga, pilates, light strength training where you’re just using resistance bands instead of weights.

Since your strategy is to sample, you could try something like Class Pass where you can try out a variety of different studios and classes for the month (throughout the moon’s cycle) before deciding on one you want to stick with more consistently.



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