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How we de-stress

I came across a post on social media with encouragement to view 2020 as the universe giving us a chance to repair what has been wrong, either in our personal lives or community-instead of focusing on the chaos it seems to be. I continue to be awestruck at the trials people have pushed through and overcome this past year with strength and resilience. Many have faced life-altering challenges in addition to the collective stress everyone has experienced. But too much stress can cause physical and mental health concerns including lower immune systems, insomnia, chronic anxiety, and heart disease. It is essential that we take the time to care for ourselves and allow this new year to become an opportunity to re-center and heal.

Choose to de-stress

It is important to be intentional by setting aside a specific time to do this. I know this may sound easier said than done. My roommate is a mother of a spirited 4 year old, and sometimes at the most she can only get 5 minutes, but when she does it is just the re-charge she needs for herself and to be more present with her daughter. Our well-being, productivity, and intentions start to deteriorate when we do not set aside time daily to alleviate tension. Whatever your situation is, choose yourself for a few moments. We cannot pour out of our cup to give to others if our own is empty. 

7 ways to find stress relief  

1: Deep Breathing, Meditation, or Yoga 

My go-to for relieving stress is to listen to guided meditation or calming music and practice deep breathing. Scientific studies find that short, inconsistent breathing blocks blood flow and oxygen in the muscles, heart, and brain. How? When we are stressed, our brain overloads on cortisol and sends us into fight or flight. When we breathe deeply, the other part of our nervous system is activated- the part that signals to the rest of the body that everything is ok, bringing our attention back to the present moment. Present awareness leads to feeling rejuvenated and peaceful so you can readily take on whatever life has in store. 

2: Organic Olivia’s Peace Juice

Sometimes there are those moments throughout the day where we desperately need quick relief from hectic situations or spinning anxious thoughts. 6 sprays of  Organic Olivia's Peace Juice can really help in times of feeling distressed and overwhelmed. Organic ingredients like Kava root contain plant-based compounds that interact with the brain in a way that reduces the reactions that cause anxiety. 

3: Bath Soak & De-Tox

Can I get an amen from all those who crave stepping into a scented warm bath after a long work day? A warm bath soak can help calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation and muscle tension from the body’s reaction to stress. Adding epsom salts extract toxins from the body and counteract lack of nutrient absorption, which is important for the immune system. Tea that has calming properties like chamomile or any green teas are a perfect addition to a bath detox!

4: Listen to a Podcast or Read a Book

Stress is caused by an overload of pressure and challenges which can cause us to feel burdened by our own minds. I love listening to podcasts or books that present new, healthy perspectives so I can address the anxiety and stress in my life. It is also nice to just have a break and listen to/read something fun to take my mind off of everything!

  • Chasin' High Vibes Podcast is full of spiritual gems that will inspire and cultivate new ideas to clean up any residue from stress related concerns.

5: Create a Crystal Grid for Intention Setting

Charged crystals arranged in sacred geometric patterns release an energetic frequency. By combining different stones and your own intention, this practice helps to discard the clutter that has been brought on by the stressors in your life and reclaim that space in your mind.  Choose A Crystal to begin setting your intentions and watch this video for an example of how to make a Crystal Grid.


6: Exercise

There are countless studies about how even just 15-25 minutes of exercise can boost those endorphins and safeguard the immune system, which is so, so important right now! Adding exercise to your daily routine will lower stress responses in the body. 

7: Connect with nature

There is something about getting away from the chaos and sitting quietly in nature that re-centers us. There is a really amazing book by Wallace Nichols called Blue Mind explaining how looking at the ocean horizon can induce a meditative state and simplify the space in our brain. Whenever I surf, whatever burdens are clouding my mind tends to be forgotten and I have a new found restorative energy- ready to tackle anything. Whether it is the ocean or a beautiful mountain landscape, being one with nature helps us to stop, be still, and find clarity. 

These recommendations are not a one-size fits all. What works for one person might not work for the next, so find what serves you and stick with deserve it!


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