Kicking off 2022 putting God First... here is my initial thoughts on it. - Chasin' Unicorns

Kicking off 2022 putting God First... here is my initial thoughts on it.

Earlier this year I went back to God. So much of what has been taking place this last year with C0vid, the V + all the lies...and mostly just how obviously (and painfully present) satanic rituals have become in main stream media, made it really apparent that God is the light. I truly believe as a collective last year opened the eyes of many.

When we started this company being extremely open and transparent, about our current journey, and educating our followers through things we found valuable, was what put us on the map.

After the last two years and the boom of a victimhood/ cancel culture mentality. The air felt thick. People were on edge and the ultra sensitivity during these traumatic and unpredictable (well I wouldn't say everything was unpredictable, but you get the point) times, it really shamed us into not speaking our truth.... which turned into us literally not speaking at all.

As a business owner, I got extremely over social media. I was not in the mood to share, post, create, be vulnerable. We (& by "we" I mean "I") were stressed, tired and no longer felt in alignment with the new age community, which is a large chunk of our followers. I no longer felt a connection to this platform, I no longer felt a connection to a lot of things I once did. I felt a huge block in my creative, my voice. I wanted so desperately to be a super professional brand that only shared product shots. It seemed like the easy way out..

But of course nothing worth having is ever easy.

Being subconsciously guilt & fear ridden, to not share anything really affected our sales and over all engagement, since this brand was created off a foundation of a unique blog + social media post that were as real, raw and relatable as anything you could have found on the internet.

I now feel back in a position to serve my community.
One thing I have learned, repeatedly is that to be a personal "brand" (which is what we are no matter how hard I try to run from it) you have to entertain, impact or teach (share). This past year I did none of those things.

Making people laugh is serving.
Teaching people is serving.
Making people think is serving.
Leading by example is serving.

So 2022 for us isn't so much about "scaling" this year, as it is getting back to our roots, and building a community we can grow with. Even if that means attracting a new one.

So like always, thank you deeply for being here.


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