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Longevity Magazine Feature

An Alternative Holiday Gift Choice


If you are plugged into the world of alternative medicine you’ve probably heard that crystal energy offers potentially beneficial healing properties.

Owner Samantha Strom developed Chasin’ Unicorns; a crystal-infused product line dedicated to spark self-love through her all-natural product line.  I fell in love with the entire product line of all-things crystal.  I also enjoyed speaking with Samantha. She also created a range of organic, vegan, non-toxic, bath, body, and home products to compliment the range.

A stand out from the line is the “Self-Love Monthly Subscription Box.  This is an incredible gift that “keeps on giving.”   A monthly mix of 4-7 bath & body products, crystals, tea, aromatherapy, oils and surprises from the brand with rituals dedicated to self-love. Each monthly box contains a value of $100 in products. It’s a steal at just $35 per month that can be gifted as a subscription or a single box as well.

On the subject of self-love, a 2015 study found that people with higher self-esteem have less depression, better relationships, and more job satisfaction. They also live longer!

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