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Gemini Brings You The Season of Cosmic Twists

Earth to Gemini: A 2020 Season of Renewal 


Kamal Ram

Celebrating all sides of yourself as a Gemini can have its drawbacks. If you’re indecisive or do something “out of character," it's just that Gemini in you coming out. At its worst, you get labelled as two-faced. And while words can be hurtful (and lead to some late night instagram researching of everyone and their mother who ever wronged you,) that’s just not true. You are able to feel and experience things as a Gemini that other signs don’t get to. Your pain and pride will come in the form of that duality.

Balance plays a vital role in self-care. The shadows come with light, over indulging some days only to neglect your body in others. A loud and busy home life feels so welcome if you've spent far too long in silence alone. These opposite ends bumping together are the very essence of the Gemini. Nature and spirit can appear conflicting, but to those that are willing to put in the necessary effort, you become more centered and happier.

As the world comes together by staying safe at home, this upcoming Gemini season will come with the obstacle of socializing and sharing the findings of your self-exploration with the need to stay safe. For this task I look to the most social (and tasteful) music icons, the Beatles. In their "Strawberry Fields Forever" they share:

"Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone
But it all works out"

Geminis need to follow their light and honor their needs. And when their energy is depleted, they need to nourish themselves back to full strength. 

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