The June Cancer Self-Love Ritual Box Ships 6/15.

NEW and Improved Bath Bomb Formula

When I first started this company, these bath bombs were our babies, the very first product we ever launched, and they are special. These bath bombs to me, aren't meant to be regular or ordinary bath bombs. These aren't bath bombs that you can go buy at a drugstore for $1 or your typical corn starch fillers.

I created these with luxury in mind. I wanted to sell an experience. The formulas, essential oils and large mystery crystals in these bath bombs are intended for ritual, journey, exploration, or meditation. They are a portal to a world where time doesn't need to exist.

2019 was a long and tough year, we have grown so much since then, transitioned and our team and products have too. We have aligned with a new lab, and with the feedback from our loyal customers, we are now working with a new bathologist, who takes their job just as seriously as I take my passion for this Chasin' Unicorns Signature Staple product and our mission as a Self-Love Brand.

Last year we had to throw away 100s of bath bombs because they were not up to my standards. This year we have created a brand, NEW AND IMPROVED formula. The experience will be night and day compared to our last batch of bath bombs. And I can not wait for you to get your hands on them. They will be launching next week. And we will be sampling this new formula in our March Aries Self-Love Subscription boxes and we are beyond ecstatic to get your guys review and feedback on them.