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Sunday Pampering Night Time Routine


Before I shower I like to Dry Brush my skin starting at my feet and working my way up. Dry brushing has huge health benefits not only for your skin (the largest organ on your body) but improves entire circulation for the body. 

On a good night, I’ll use a Chasin’ Unicorns Crystal Bath Bomb and do a detox soak in the bath, I like to try to meditate for 5-10 minutes in the bath, with the mysterious crystal that comes inside our bath bombs. In that bath I will also apply my favorite face mask of the month, my go-to is Purpl & Prosper's Calm Complexion mask. While this sits, I lather and exfoliate my legs and body with our Chasin Unicorns Crystal Body Polish. One of our best selling products and a staple product for myself. Leaves your skin silky smooth and adds the perfect amount of moisture. After I shower I do not even need to apply lotion because the polish is so hydrating. With the fine salt in the polish you are exfoliating dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, and build-up,  so that the coconut and sweet almond oil are able to moisturize over a fresh layer of skin. Customers have reviewed they also love using this as a shaving cream. I honestly hate taking showers without it. Pink Himalayan salt is such a great way to energetically cleanse your body's aura and any lingering energies or cords from others that you may have picked up. When intentionally cleansing ones aura or energizing the body it is also helpful to hold or say intentions out loud or in silence and visualize your light body.

While I am in the bath or shower, I will oil pull with our Chasin Unicorns Filthy Mouth for as long as I am in. Oil pulling is such a great way to have the best oral hygiene. Unlike harsh mouth wash which stripes away good and bad bacteria (leading to long term dry and bad breathe), oil pulling pulls out all the toxins from your mouth - which is also why many people do it as a teeth whitening technique.  After, I’ll brush my teeth with Dr. Brite Toothpaste: Mint, using my sonic brush (once you go sonic you can't go back). Also, if you can get your hands on a water flosser... it's pretty much LIFE.


After a bath or shower,  depending on my mantra, mood, and or how much moisture my body is asking for, I'll massage our Chasin’ Unicorns one of our luxurious Chakra Ritual Body Oils all over. Our Chakra Ritual Body Oils is our current #1 bestseller. The ritual oils have 10 oils in them, that when used in combination with a moisturizer it penetrates deep into the skin for wrinkle and cellulite prevention. 

Once I am in my robe, I’ll start my facial skincare routine. Many times if I am not sitting at my vanity, I will tray a tray to bed with my products, and really take my time while watching a movie or documentary, as a treat to myself for working all day. I’ll use Purpl and Prosper crystal toner and serum after I steam my face and some weeks I will even give myself a full microdermabrasion facial.  My skin feels so smooth and healthy in the following morning. When applying my hydraulic acids and serums, I will then go in gently, with my rose quartz facial tools or an Amethyst facial rollers and do a light once over massage to really push in my serums. Once a month I’ll use my Banish Derma Roller or Derma Stamp pen and give myself a deep facial, after then applying the Banish Vitamin C serum, and over the years I have noticed that it really does clear and heal my face quickly and gives it a little plumb – since the whole point of the Derma Roller is to build new collagen and skin tissues to the surface of your face.


Maybe twice a week I will use Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen and Millennial Teeth whitening pen to whiten my teeth. Both very easy to use and fast-drying, although a little annoying you need to keep your mouth open and not touching for a few minutes. Dr. Brite's formula is a little less harsh on the teeth compared to a Crest White Stripe, and are nice for routine and maintenance.

For my hair care, I will use Organic Hair Grow Co scalp massager and hair/scalp serum, while I brush and braid my hair.  I have seen a big difference in my hair fallout and overall my hair health feels much healthier, compared to what it was last year. I use their entire bundle ($100) which comes with a pre-shampoo hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, scalp refresher spray, and hair oil. Using shampoo and conditioner in the past with parabens have drying harsh chemicals that has really done damage to my hair. I love this company because of their natural ingredients and because they sell their products in 3 different categories depending on how fast or well your actual hair absorbs water and product. Before you order anything from them they prompt you to take a “Hair Prosperity” test that involves putting one strand of clean (not shampooed or conditioned) hair and letting it sit in there for 15 minutes. Depending on rather it floats, sinks, or floats in the middle of the glass, will tell you what hair type you are and which products you should buy.

Organic Olivia's Mood Juice + Sleep Juice to relax, calm, and prepare me for sleep is also a nightly ritual of mine. I put a full dropper into my bedside water and sip on it while I am reading, journaling or watching Netflix. You can't taste it when you do it this way. I am obsessed with her whole entire line and her as a human in general. Her website and blogs are an amazing place to start if you are trying to heal from the inside out and learn more about herbal medicine. 

These Herbal Tinctures from Amazon have also helped me tremendously with hair loss/hair health and the immune system:

ANGELICA ROOT: Great for digestive support and is allied with this root in its role as an herbal tonic for women’s reproductive health.

Rehmannia Extract: According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, Rehmannia (a wild herb is also known as Chinese foxglove) can “balance the yin.”

White Peony: Blood deficiency that leads to a sallow complexion, dizziness, and ear ringing can be treated by white peony root along with Rehmannia root, Angelica Root, and Sichuan lovage rhizome. White peony root enriches the blood, regulates menses, constraints yin, pacifies liver, relieves pain, and arrests sweating.

While in bed and towards the end of my routine, I love to apply our Chasin’ Unicorns Lavender Oil on the souls of my feet and behind my ears. The scent is so soothing and relaxing. For my diffuser I have been using our Hawt Yoga Blend; Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Wintergreen and it makes the house smell like a yoga studio. I also love to use Witch I Love Your Hair magic hair mist all over for my face, body, room, and bed for an added touch of love and atmosphere aroma. It is handcrafted with love and mountain spring water, crystals, and special essential oils that really feels so refreshing and hydrating. I love that it is universal, you could really spray it on anything.  I have probably gone through 20 bottles already!

I also make it a point to wear my True Dark Twilight blue-blocking glasses (save 10% when you use promo code “unicorns" at checkout) during the day (the day walkers) but especially my orange night glasses, to protect my eyes from heavy and harmful lights from my TV and Phone. They also help make my room look and feel like a nighttime oasis and prepares my brain for sleep. It’s the coolest bio-hacking ever since blue lights tell your brain that it is day time and your body can stay up for longer not fully getting into a resting mode.

Every night I like to use my passion planner and write out my to-do list for the next day as well as any brainstorming, notes or affirmations I have. 

Some weeks I will paint my nails, with my nude amazon gel nail polish set and my own personal gel drying light machine. My nails have gotten so much longer and stronger since I stopped getting them done every month. I also save a lot of money not getting my nails done every few weeks, yet still for events or special occasions. I paint them with gel almost as good as the professionals. 

After a great nightly routine, I will read a book. This has helped my sleep patterns tremendously and I forgot how much I actually enjoy reading. I usually switch between two books depending what I am feeling that night (can you tell I am a multi-tasker?) Usually one will be a novel or one that I can get lost in, while the other will be a self-help or business, astrology related material. 

Before all of this, I always like to light one of our incense (weekly I will sage or use Palo Santo) and at least 3 of our non-toxic soy candles, or the fun candles we put in our Subscription Boxes. Candles set such a beautiful vibe since I really don't like harsh lights when it's dark out. Reading usually makes me fall asleep very fast so I’ll sleep with my eye mask and snuggle with my angel face dog (Yorkie), Nala. In the morning I always take her out,  which has been the perfect way for me to sun gaze and ground myself outside barefoot before I start my day. 

What is your favorite part of your nightly routine? Tell us below, I would love to hear what you do and get your feedback on anything else you think I may be missing out on. XO

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