Not All Twin Flames Are Meant To Be Together

Written By Samantha Strom - November 01 2019


November 01 2019

Can’t agree more. Mine is about to
Embark on a journey to more fame as I am feeling the call to go home to my family and loved ones. I thought for so long I had a knowing we’d be together and now that’s faded. It makes me really sad Bc I loved him so very much. Why on earth after all I’ve been through, would god do this to me? It’s painful and I’ve been through a lot. Of course my story didn’t end happy. That’s the story of my life with love. After this I’ve truly truly up on love. He was who I searched for my entire life for it to not work out anyway. Heartbreaking. Sad part was Jesus told me to trust this love and for what? To hold on and suffer longer? I feel lied to by god.

November 01 2019

Thank you very much for your article. I’ve cried so much tonight…well every night. I met my twin in high school 11 years ago and we’ve been broken up for nine years. We’ve been out of communication for I’d have to say 2 to 3 years. She is engaged for the second time none was with me 😪 but I do have a feeling she will actually go through with it this time. We had a passionate relationship & I was completely head over heels in love with her. I do feel she was in love but the other part of me sees how she manipulated me and used me. I Grew up wanting nothing but a family just like she did. She cheated on me in the past. Said the most hurtful things that I’ll always remember. Was never there when I needed her the most. I was diagnosed with ms and lupus 5 years ago and have yet to have a real conversation about me and my diseases with her. I hear her every day especially at night. Twin flame telepathy has been a blessing and a curse. I even reached out to an astrologer about moving on. His reaction an answer to me was “it is the one that’s always been there” a huge reason why I have held on. She got engaged in June (2nd time) which broke my heart! I’ve told myself That I can’t forgive her right now I can’t try again with her in the future. She has hurt me beyond excruciating pain and doesn’t even care how I feel. I alwaysss thought twin flames (me & her) were meant to be together but I’m starting to think our soul purposes are different. I know I have to merely work on self love in order to attract a soul mate possibly… & what gets me is that I’ve haven’t been with anyone for 6-7 years because I was waiting for her. And now I have to chop it up to a lost cause. I’ve experienced so many synchronicity’s. Thinking I see her (her dreads), hearing / seeing her name, the times & telepathy etc etc! I just don’t know if we are meant to be but I doesn’t matter anymore because marriage is til death do you part! I take marriage very seriously! I’m very traditional come from a family whose marriages work last for decades. & I refuse to be anyone but number one. She screwed up a life with a GOOD WOMAN. 😥😪Thank you again I have no one to vent to about my twin flame nor journey so this was very much needed. Xox Melissa

November 01 2019

Sara, you are making a wise choice. It’s hard. I have 2 more months of healing since I wrote my last reply. I can say now that in some ways, I’ve actually lost respect for my Twin bc he wanted an indefinite affair with me. He wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too. Sound familiar??? I’d rather never be united with my twin in this lifetime than go through that again. He’s such a baby!!! Now when he sees me, he’s all depressed like a little boy who didn’t get his candy. My attitude now is; man up and do your healing. Figure things out on your own. I’ll always love him, but I’m not sacrificing my dignity again.

Also, since I ended things, my husband and I have been getting closer. Having an affair with my Twin put a huge wedge in my marriage. My husband is karmic for sure, but I’ve always felt that I am where I should be. I was ready to leave my husband for my Twin because it felt so right with my Twin. Now I realize that I was trying to control the outcome. I’ve set him free and cut the chains that were holding me back.

I hate all these so called psychics trying to make money on Twin Flames. They are like predators ready to groom their prey. Scammers. Anyone who has a Twin Flame is a natural empath and can figure things out on their own. None of us need a psychic. Ridiculous!!! A healer yes, but a psychic no.

November 01 2019

Flower do I resonate with you. Mine chose fame over me. I understand he loved his career and was only getting further but a decade or two form now he’s going to look back and realize he missed out on true love that would have lasted a lifetime. These men are very caught up on karmic situations and money. They haven’t learned true joy and happiness is found in your loved ones. But I’m moving back home and letting him go as it’s over forever. It hurts but this time it feels like a healthy letting go rather than running away and it feels free for me to move on finally after 3 years of chaos Bc he chose his career over me.

November 01 2019

I agree. Not all Twin Flames are meant to be together. Everyone’s journey is unique. To put all Twin Flames in the same category is false. Our Twin also has free will. We can only do so much. We can be a “leader twin”, but we must establish and keep healthy boundaries. Having sex without a commitment is only allowing our Twin to have all his/her needs met without any growth or responsibilities. I made this mistake bc I read all the information out there saying that I am meant to be with my Twin and that I should manifest the preferred outcome.

We are both married. I have ended things. I was ready to leave my husband to be with him. We both have young kids. He won’t leave his wife bc he believes that a father should never break up his family (kids). He’s afraid of his mother’s harsh judgement.

My Twin will have to learn the hard way that love sometimes requires sacrifice. You can’t have both. He’ll have to grow up. Loving someone unconditionally is sometimes giving out “tough love”. It’s not about giving them only what they want. I may be the “one that got away”. That’s a regret he’ll have to live with in this lifetime.

Perhaps he’ll see the light and make an about face to be with me, but he needs to do the work first. I can keep a line of communication open with him, but I have to keep healthy boundaries first.

It is Was Isn't
November 01 2019

Kudos to you both for telling me exactly what I needed to hear. It’s what I’ve been feeling for quite some time but too caught up in the romance to be honest with myself. I think that after reaching enlightenment I’m finally going to love what the mirror is reflecting. ME, my twin flame. Best of luck and love on your journeys!

November 01 2019

Thank you for this. My twin and I split almost a year ago, and I’ve been avoiding consoling the Internet in large part due to the sentiment that we’re eventually meant to end up together. I, too, have always had a knowing (you know the one – things you just simply k n o w) we aren’t meant to end up together, and yet this popular belief we’re eventually supposed to reunite romantically is exactly what’s been holding me back from letting him go, and I can see so clearly that not letting him go has been holding me back greatly spiritually – probably moreso than I can even comprehend at this point, but I know it’s been keeping me stagnant, and I’m finally to a point where I’m fucking over it. So, just today, I’m journaling the rest of this shit out, and am coming to the conclusion that even if I am to fully heal, I can’t be doing it for him, because there’s a chance we may never reunite anyway, no matter what I do, because I’m only in control of myself. And if that’s the case, which it is, I need to let go of any attachment to the outcome of “us,” and focus inward to the outcome of “me,” because that’s the one thing I’ve got full control over. It’s been almost a month since I finally got fed up of living every single day frickin obsessing depressedly over not having my other half with me and letting that dictate my excistence, and then some extra weird spiritual shit and shifts leading up to what I’m assuming is just about to be a big consciousness shift or leveling up of some sort once I’ve finished closing this chapter of my life and beginning my new one, the one where I take everything my mirror allowed me to see and work through, and focus strictly inwards onto healing myself, f o r myself, by myself. Thank you for your article. I really appreciate it. It’s so nice to hear that once you let him go, you were sort’ve propelled forward into your truest of destinies. I can feel myself almost there – I’ve almost been there for quite some time (another thing I “know”) – and this article gives me hope and excitement for the changes to come, albeit it may be a tad daunting and scary. If you want to reply, do you believe the one you’re supposed to end up with is still out there (or maybe you’ve already met him/her), but is nonetheless not your twin flame? I’ve been told if mine and I heal and transcend, we’ll eventually reunite to do something creative together, rather than romantic, but I’ve got to let that go, too (!! OMG – still in the process, see?? 😉 but so close), with the rest of all this, because that’ll keep me hanging back and holding onto something that ultimately distracts me from doing my own work, for myself. What happens outside of me happens – I can only better myself, and trust the uni will guide me to my most divine path. Anyways, I’m rambling now, but I see it as all a part of my moving forward via writing journey. Thank you. <3

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