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Ritual Box Blog Feature By Nurse Sophie

Written by: Nurse Sophie


So year 2020 has been full of the worst possible tragedies you can imagine. Apart from going through a pandemic together as well as other personal life events. It's safe to say, we had a shit year. Now I have always treated myself well and done self care whenever possible, but the shit we went through collectively and personally this year, gravely impacted my physical and mental health. It's definitely a hard year to be a nurse. 

It was clear nothing was going to go my way and not much of my life was under my control, so I decided to put myself first whenever I could. That’s when I really invested in self care. From meditation, to discovering spirituality, to better eating habits, and spa-like baths/showers; I wanted to give myself the best high quality self care package that is low maintenance and inexpensive. That is when I discovered Chasin’ Unicorns. 




I discovered the brand on instagram and glanced at the different monthly self care ritual boxes. I immediately fell in love and instantly subscribed. Each ritual box comes with so many goodies that are from the brand itself as well as other brands. There is not one item you won’t use. From the chakra oils to the crystals to accessories, the candles, the bath bombs and so many more, its just absolute heaven. The items change every month, and I am always pleasantly surprised. Its like the creator just knew I needed that. Not to mention the monthly crystal that’s included! It is by far the best care package you can use or even gift someone inexpensively. Even their customer service is more than exceptional. 

I am now obsessed with the brand and have bought all the high quality chakra oils, the different exfoliating scrubs and I still can’t get enough. The products are free of any harmful ingredients and are vegan, organic, ethically sourced and cruelty free. Its absolutely amazing how each of these comes with a crystal inside! The packaging is amazing and also reusable. Chasin’ Unicorns is definitely responsible for over half the crystals I own. She even humbly gives back to her loyal customers via instagram or the unicorn club in which members receive discounts on a multitude of items. I am definitely a forever customer and glad to support a woman owned business.


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