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My In-Bed Nightly Self-Love Routine

I personally have become obsessed with my daily and weekly self-love rituals I truly couldn't live without them. Especially my nighttime (in bed) rituals, which allows me (as a projector in The Human Design) to truly unwind and relax while getting all the benefits of this habit-stacking routine. 

Curious? Let me walk you through it!

After I do my regular nighttime routine, I cozy up in bed, turn on my favorite show (Currently watching “The Chosen” by Angel Studios) and then open up my self-care night time drawer that is in my night stand.

I start out with the Vegan Silk Eye Balm, I am on my 2nd jar, and every night I slug this under my eyes. I am 32 years old and have 0 wrinkles (yet) on my under eye, and I truly equate it to always using a thick eye cream or serum every night along with Retin A (yes I apply under my eyes as well, only a few times a week).

After, I apply the Black Berry Lip Mask (truly obsessed) all over my lips. This is by far my favorite lip balm to date and I keep one on me where ever I go.

Following that I use the Glow Jojoba Glow Oil (I have been product testing this item for the past 4 months) and use it as a base for my Ice Cryro Facial Globes and massage my face, the coldness is so therapeutic, and the Jojoba oil has been lighting all my hyperpigmentations. This oil is by far the best we have yet put inside the box in my opinion.

After I apply the Activating Growth Hair Serum to my scalp, just 1 full dropper and try to evenly distribute it onto your scalp, and then I massage it in with my fingers. I am on my 3rd bottle and have noticed and increase in growth and thickness in my hair. I also have been sleeping on a Satin Silk Pillowcase every night and loving it! I believe that is has been helping the overall health of my hair and when I do my heatless curls keeps the frizz at bay.

I also have been applying our Lash Growth Serum to my lash line every night, I have been doing this for years and my lashes are long and luxe! I only need two coats of the Big Bang Mascara when I get dolled up to have my lashes looking like Alix Earle’s (I am being serious).

Ofcourse during my entire routine I am drinking my ice water and Night Time Formula out of my duped Stanley cup I got a TJ max for only $12.

Oh I almost forgot,  I also apply the Hemp Cuticle Oil on my nails every night and light a Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle & Incense nightly. Which is the best part of the whole vibe! 

Last but not least, you would seriously have to pay me to NOT sleep in our Vegan Silk Eye Mask. Once you get used to sleep with a sleep mask, you will never go back! Ever. I have 10 at home that I keep in the door and I can not live without it!

So there you have it. This is a night time routine that I do every night and I am so proud of the products we have been curating and the brands we have been featuring inside of our box. I can not wait to show you what we have in store, and offer you guys these items and more self-love essentials at an affordable price, to continue to add to your daily and weekly Rituals.


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