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Taurus Season – Being

After the sometimes frenetic energetic push of forward-moving and motivated Aries season, the seasons give us a time to pause, take stock of our lives, and settle into just being in Taurus season. A bit of grounding earth energy after the raging fiery passion of Aries as it springs us into existence! In most places in the Northern Hemisphere, it really starts to feel like spring is truly here; trees have leaves again, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining more consistently, even if it rains it feels warm and pleasant, the watery gift that nourishes the growing and blooming earth. Things just are, we celebrate and revel in the fertility and blessing and blossoming of spring, the caress of warmth without being too hot, the vibrancy of new-green growth. This is the feeling that is emblematic of Taurus – sensual enjoyment of the pleasures of the world, the material and physical manifestations of earthly abundance that can be touched and tasted and smelled and felt and appreciated, the desire to lie back on the ground and soak in the delicious sun, even a bit of laziness because it can just feel so good. 

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the first Earth element sign that we encounter. As a sign in the first third of the zodiac, Taurus is a very personally-oriented sign, about the earthly, physical, manifested connection with self, in comparison with more interpersonal earth (Virgo) or more collective earth (Capricorn). As the first sign to be more-or-less in the middle of a season (spring in the Northern Hemisphere, fall in the Southern Hemisphere), it is also the first of the four Fixed modality signs (along with Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). So what does it mean to embody the earthly element and the Fixed modality, as viewed through the eyes of Taurus?

In astrological teachings, Taurus is represented by the bull. While we may have cartoon images in our minds of bulls as raging, frightening animals, what is it that a bull or a cow really does most of the time? First of all, bulls are large, they take up space, they really experience a lot of the aspects of how gravity works here on earth. They graze, they lie down in the sun, they might even be pretty slow unless they’re really provoked (and then you want to get out of the way, and fast!). Various types of bull-like animals (such as oxen, water buffalo) have been used as cart-pulling or plowing animals over the centuries of human existence, demonstrating some of their strength and their ability to continue moving forth with a task step-by-step until it is done. This can be a way to think of the energetics of Taurus, and those characteristics that will shine through in the Taurus-ruled houses of our charts, or how the planets are influenced by this Taurean energy.

This connected, grounded, stable, strong energy represents many of the Earth element qualities that Taurus is connected with. The Earth element resonates strongly with all that is physical and here on the Earth, all that can be seen and touched and the tangible items of material existence that we need for our day-to-day existence. Whether this is possessions, plants, trees, money, clothing, food, our physical bodies, or our physical health, the general theme is what can be touched, what can grow, what needs some sort of physical sustenance, what exists in manifested reality on this physical plane that we inhabit on Earth. And with Taurus, a key aspect of this earthly connection is explained through the sign’s ruling planet or goddess archetype, Venus. In particular, Taurus resonates with the most physical aspects of Venus, in comparison with Libra, the other sign ruled by this planet, which resonates with Venus’ more heavenly, esoteric aspects (as an air sign). Venus, or Aphrodite in Greek mythologies, whose legacy goes back at least to the goddess Inanna in ancient Sumer. Venus is often spoken of as the goddess of love, connected intimately to all that is sensual, pleasures, enjoyment of the tangible and the physical. The goddess is often seen touching her body, resonating with the bodily appreciation and sensual enjoyment of earthly pleasures that can be seen in the energies of Taurus. Delicious food, luscious silk fabrics, soft grasses, the sensual enjoyment of laying outside under the warm sun on a lazy spring afternoon or of cuddling up at home with your favorite sweet treat, delicious drink, cozy blankets; these can be ways that Taurus can express its pleasure with the material world. Sensual acts, physical acts, these are ways in which we can all connect with Taurean energy, whether that is by letting a piece of delicious chocolate slowly dissolve on our tongue or through intimate, sacred connection with our partner or ourselves. There is a reason that Taurus can sometimes be seen as a hedonistic sign, so pleasure-loving that it can become materialistic or selfish; those are the lower vibrational energies of Taurus, however. A healthy Taurean connection can revel in the sensual enjoyment of a touch or a taste or a sensation while remaining balanced in the world, feeling confidence and power in their beautify, their physicality.

Other adjectives that can be associated with Taurus are laziness or stubbornness, both of which can relate to its nature as a Fixed sign. The Fixed modality, as the modality describing the middle of a season, represents the continuing momentum of the season, like the patient ox who continues to help plowing the field bit by bit until it is all ready for planting. This is when the season is in full swing, neither the initiating energy of the Cardinal signs or the slightly confused between energy of the Mutable signs. This is where both the lower-vibe aspects of laziness and (too much) stubbornness can be seen. The laziness can be the “stuckness” of comfort, of feeling so good that you don’t want to move, of being in the middle of this unchanging season where you just feel so good and you don’t want to change anything because it will require effort. The stubbornness is how you are so fixed in your path, in your way of doing things, in your idea, that you cannot and will not conceive of viewing things any other way, and you might even become angry at someone who tries to turn you because your path is your path, period. Neither of these is bad in and of themselves, it’s just how much and in what situation they’re being applied, and that’s where Taurus can also look to its polar sign of Scorpio to help it integrate and remain in the highest vibration energies of its expression. Scorpio energy can encourage the Taurean personality to dig deeper, to not settle, to not be complacent, to confront the real truths head-on, to engage with the unknown mysteries instead of only with the surface, material aspects of things.

The celebration of Beltane falls about mid-way through Taurus season, which venerates some of the aspects of abundance, fecundity, the beauty and fertility of nature in the spring season when everything feels so full of life and possibility.

Are you a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, or Taurus Rising? Do you have other planets in Taurus in your chart? (My Mars and my Vesta are both in Taurus, so I like to take action in a more deliberate, considered, experiential way, and I seek to be of service through my manifested engagement with abundance, the earth, the physical world). What house does Taurus rule in your chart? (Taurus rules most of my 7th house, so I approach relationships in a Taurean way). Exploring all these themes will help you to understand how you will be most affected by Taurus season and the bull’s celebration of life, of our manifestation here on this earth, of beauty, of abundance, this season!