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The August Amethyst Reveal & Ritual is Here

Ultimate relaxation and third eye activation is on it’s way ~

You just got home from a long, stressful day to see our ritual box waiting for you on the doorstep! 

This month, like every month, we’ve taken all the work out of finding the best organic, non toxic products for you to use to pamper your soul and skin. Everything you need for a heavenly month of self care is inside our August Amethyst Soothing Ritual Box. 

Your usual rituals of relaxation are about to be amped up!

Our August ritual box includes an OG fan favorite as well as other items meant specifically to help you slow down, show yourself more love, and get closer to the energy of everything inside and around you. 

Made in a glass jar with real crystals and flowers on top, our beautiful Lavender Amethyst Soy Candle is the gateway to tranquility. Let your mind drift as you listen to the gentle crackling of the wooden wick. Allow the scent of real Lavender to fill you. Aromatherapy is an amazing holistic health treatment used for various reasons. Lavender aromatherapy is known to ease feelings of high stress and tension while promoting a restful night's sleep. Years back, lavender specifically was recommended for people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders. People stuffed their pillows with lavender flowers to help them fall asleep and get a better night’s rest.

Today, aromatherapists use lavender to treat headaches and nervousness or restlessness. Massage therapists sometimes apply lavender oil to the skin, which might function both as a calming agent and a sleep aid. In other countries, lavender tea has been approved as a supplement to treat sleep disruptions, restlessness, and even stomach irritation.

Lavender pairs perfectly with our crystal showcased in this month's box, Amethyst. Associated with our third eye chakra, Amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Sleeping with Amethyst facilitates deep lucid dreaming. Harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional and bodies and connecting them to the spiritual, Amethyst purifies the aura and brings us closer to our highest self. Use the Amethyst on your candle to enhance your guided meditations by removing it, and placing the crystal on your forehead between the eyebrows. Feel the cool, refreshing wave of relaxation as you exhale. Let the crystal have a moment to connect with you as you take a few deep breaths and settle into your body.

We’ve included another crystal in this month's box to help set the scene for a perfect night of self care. It’s time to put down the phone and disconnect to reconnect with our Obsidian Crystal Point for EMF protection. Levels of high-frequency EMFs over time can damage DNA and cells. EMF effects are often cumulative and we are constantly exposed. Keeping something like Obsidian near your wi-fi router and turning your phone onto airplane mode are two simple and effective ways to reduce your EMF exposure and reduce your risks of it causing a disturbance in your physiology.  

After your phone is on airplane mode and you’ve taken some time to release stagnant, heavy energy from the day - it’s time to unwind and draw a bath.

Step in, and submerge our Unicorn Tranquilizer  Mystery Crystal Bath Bomb into the water. Our mantra on the back of this bath bomb is “I am relaxed and in the present moment”. Take a moment as your bath bomb fizzies to sit and embody this mantra. Allow your face to soften and your shoulders to become heavier. Sink deeper into the water and rest. Stay here for as long as you need. Let this bath wash away any remaining anxiety or stress for your day. Our OG bath bombs are a fan favorite. We always add a crystal inside to enhance the vibration of your bathing ritual. This month the crystal is a mystery! Tag us after your bath and let us know what you received! We’ve also included our Lavender Amethyst Body Polish for an extra dose of bliss during bath time this month. Made with Pink Himalayan Salt, our body polish leaves your skin silky smooth, exfoliating off dead skin and making you feel fresh and new.


After your bath and the aroma of Lavender has time to settle in, you will probably start to feel ready for bed. End your night with a gel face peel from our friends at Saturday Skin. You may notice this brand from one of our other boxes. We love them so much we had to showcase another of their amazing products, their Rub a Dub Skin Exfoliant! Containing papaya, pineapple, aloe, and jojoba - this exfoliant is jammed packed with powerful enzymes used to help break down the keratin proteins in the top layer of your skin. 

You're feeling like a goddess now heading off to bed, right?

Lavender has your mind peaceful and your body calm. We’ve placed our Obsidian crystal point near our WIFI and our phone is on airplane mode. Our Amethyst crystal is under our pillow for an enhanced night sleep, and you feel deeply connected to yourself and source after taking some breaths with it earlier. Everything feels divine and you take one last moment to give gratitude for the day. A moment to thank the universe for all the challenges we face that allow us to grow, and a moment to say thank you for another day here on our beautiful planet earth.

We love curating these boxes for you every month so you can show up with ease and tap back into your highest self. Never forget how incredibly powerful and graceful you are. Smile often, make time for your self care rituals,  and live in gratitude - a guaranteed path to happiness. 





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