The importance of discovering your human design


Written by Alix Ortiz

Whether you are new to human design or have spent time immersed in the

subject, it is essential in order to sustain an understanding of the true self. Discovering your design is a process of reconnecting with your unique skills and purpose that unveils intuitive decision making in personal and professional relationships and overall well being. Frustration fades away and you are left with an awareness of how to claim your space and harness your potential, naturally and confidently. 

There is a misconception in spiritual circles that higher living comes with the goal of self-mastery (Journey into Power, pg 190). Discovering your design reframes the spiritual journey by allowing your true nature to be your guide. The framework does not ask you to change who you are, rather the opposite. When you think of it as a surrender, it removes the idea that you need to “fix” yourself but rather enlightens you to who you are at your core and how you are meant to be in harmony with yourself and others. The tools open space in order to make the right decisions for what is meant for you and enables you to connect with others in meaningful ways. 

Discouragement from feeling like you are your own worst enemy is universal. When you are no longer in opposition with yourself and those around you, you find yourself operating from a space of authenticity and freedom. Discovering your type and strategy empowers you to live in your design with the knowledge to remove barriers that facilitate negative energy in order to experience your signature, most authentic self.

What 3 things does my design type tell me? 

Your type provides insight into how to uniquely approach decision making (your strategy), the interaction between your aura and those around you, and what it looks like living in thriving (signature)  or “not self” themes. Your inner authority is the guide which answers how you naturally approach making healthy decisions. 

With this knowledge, you will realize that you naturally begin to know: 

    • How to break cycles One reason we find ourselves operating in negative space can be because of years of conditioning and external expectations that are not meant for us. The deeper you dive into understanding your design, the quicker you can recognize what is meant for you. The ability to trace the source of conflict within yourself frees you to let your best self come forward.
    • How to reframe perspectives and leverage your strength Instead of passively allowing situations to unfold and emotions to take over, you can identify perspectives that are not yours to hold. Aligning your outlook towards what is happening around you with your true self gives you the power to choose instead of react.
    • How to observe and monitor sign posts. When you know the signs of your signature and not self, you can pause and reflect. As a Manifestor, have I been feeling angry? As a projector have I been walking in bitterness? Take a moment, and thank yourself for realizing that it does not define you. From there you can remove decisions and states of mind that are not yours and let your true self take the lead. 

If you are new to human design, Get Your Chart and download the ebook for free from Jovian Archive for an overview of each aspect of your chart. If you are looking for a deeper explanation of your type, take some time to read Understanding Your Soul: An Intro to Human Design & the Types 

Benefits of understanding your human design 

After digging into my human design type, I’ve been finding myself in a lot of aha moments. The light has come on in areas where I have been feeling like I am taking one step forward and three steps back. What is funny is that before looking into my design type, there was an underlying deep knowing all along about what I truly needed but ignored due to all of the “should be” reasoning I had been telling myself. This is why it is important to know your design, to dig up weeds that are preventing prosperity and allow yourself to “be”. 

  1. Gain a more compassionate understanding of yourself and others 
  2. Strengthen relationships and connect with others in meaningful ways
  3. Open space for what truly is meant for you



CLICK HERE TO Get Your Chart and

READ THIS for Understanding Your Soul: An Intro to Human Design & the Types