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The Magic of the Polish

By Chasin' Unicorns Blog Writer, Komal

In the first of this 3 part series on the elemental influence of self-care and ritual, we’ll be discussing the delightful power that the earth holds through body polish! While at first glance, it can be difficult to see what a body polish in its glass case could have to do with the ground and the dirt we so often try to scrub off of ourselves, there is a working balance in place.

Now, I sense the unease that comes with such a paradox. After all, how much of our time is spent fighting off dirt? We wash from head to toe, clean our clothes, clean our home, and even our cars in a quest to remove the filth. So, how can the earth be used for cleanliness if we’re always trying to get rid of it? Enter the Unicorns.

Chasin' Unicorns prides itself on the use of natural ingredients and aura-focused crystals to bring relaxation and love into the home. Crystals themselves are harvested from nature and then combined into wondrous blends with other natural ingredients so that the full effects of nature’s bounty may be bestowed. The Lavender body polish has become my personal favorite, though I know the Jasmine is an excellent alternative, which is where our discussion shall begin.

The magic of the polish is in the Himalayan rock salts, which gently lift away undesirable scents, chemicals, and pollution from the environment. Combined with the delicate oils of coconut and almond, in which they are suspended and the warm water of the shower or bath, this is sincerely the earth cleansing your body and allowing your mind and spirit to feel uplifted and peaceful. 

An important note is that many alternative products while claiming to be beneficial, are problematic for our environment. Other polishes or scrubs will use plastic microbeads that poison the very planet from which they were taken. Thankfully, the earth-based polish provided by Chasin Unicorns will biodegrade back as the salts will break down without worry of damage to you or Mother Earth.

We are not only in nature, we are a part of it. And we can live in tune with this by acknowledging the fact and acting accordingly. Using products like Chasin' Unicorns' body polishes are a healthy and fun way to find this balance. We all know how much fun playing in the mud was as children, let us recapture that bliss as adults! If you want to further explore how to bring more earth into your wellness and self-care, the polish is a wonderful place to start, as it acts as a dead skin exfoliant, ultra moisturizer (lotion not needed after the shower, simply pat dry), a body aura cleanser, as well as a shaving cream! 

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